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Joe Burrow Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Joe Burrow’s poise and confidence is what leads his game. You can tell that he’s calm when he’s back there in the pocket and also when he’s running outside of it. The public says that Joe Burrow doesn’t have “elite" arm strength, but the film showed me that he throws the best deep ball in the draft. Joe Burrow throws with amazing touch and he goes through his progressions effortlessly. Burrow capped off arguably the greatest season by a quarterback in college football history with a blow out win in the National Title game. Joe Burrow is extremely accurate in the redzone and with quick passes. His mechanics are nearly perfect and he’s amazing with his 2nd and 3rd level throws. Where he separates his game has to be with his pocket mobility and his throw on the run. He does an amazing job keeping his eyes down field when he’s on the move and his accuracy on the run is next level. He also does a great job improvising when the play breaks down; he can make something out of nothing. One flaw that I noticed was he holds on to the ball for too long and takes a lot of sacks. Another weakness in his game is that every now and then he’ll get a little “too relaxed” with his drop back, but at the same time he’s amazing with his footwork when he has pressure in his face. The reason that I’m not too worried about these weaknesses is because they are all coachable. Burrow is capable of being the face of the NFL, but it depends on the system he ends up with. Burrow throws one of the best 50-50 balls I’ve seen and he’s really good at getting the ball to his play makers. I compare him to Russell Wilson because of his deep accuracy, mobility, football IQ, and his improvisational skills. While Burrow is a lot taller than Wilson, he’s not as fast and doesn’t have as big of an arm. Joe Burrow had arguably the most prolific seasons in CFB history and it will lead him to most likely being the number one pick. 

Where He Should Go:  Top 3 pick

Where He Will Go: #1

Ideal Situation: Playing for LSU, Joe Burrow had ballers out wide. He throws some of the best 50-50 balls I've ever seen and he's really good at getting the ball into his play makers hands. Joe Burrow can be legendary, but it depends on which team he ends up with. I want to see Joe Burrow have an elite receiving core and be in a system where he's allowed to take shots. Obviously the ideal situation would be with the Panthers where he can link up with his college offensive coordinator Joe Brady. The Panthers also have a really nice receiving core with DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Christian McCaffrey out of the backfield. Joe Burrow would also do well in Tampa Bay under Bruce Arians. He'd be able to not only air the ball out, but use his mobility to make plays. The other place that would be a nice fit would be with the Chargers. The Chargers have two great playmakers and I believe that Anthony Lynn's offense this year will allow his quarterback to move. Joe Burrow has the potential of greatness. If he ends up with the Bengals, I like the fact that they have Jonah Williams coming in and an offensive line with a lot of potential. I'm not sure how well he fits the system, but Zac Taylor is a smart coach and he knows that it's important to build a system around the player not force the player into the system. If AJ Green reports to camp, he'll have his number one receiver. John Ross will be his deep ball guy and Tyler Boyd will be his safety blanket. If Zac Taylor is willing to adjust his offense and get him some more protection on day two, the Bengals can turn this guy into a day one superstar. 

Team Fits: Panthers, Buccaneers, Chargers

Most Likely to be selected by: The Bengals

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