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Jevon Holland Draft Profile

Scouting Report

This draft is filled with third round safeties and I’m willing to bet that at least one of these dudes will be a stud. That could very well be Jevon Holland who opted out in 2020. You shouldn’t get mad at someone for opting out of football, especially when they’re in the PAC-12. Last year, the PAC-12 wasn’t supposed to have football then half way through October they decided to have a season. There is no way you should blame Jevon Holland for sitting out of football in 2020.


Starting with what I see, Holland has a pro frame for a starting strong safety. Standing a 6’1 207 lbs., Holland is a hunk of pure muscle and you can tell that he’s a football player just by looking at him. Holland is very physical and his game’s biggest strength is actually his aggression. In coverage, Holland does a very good job with catch technique. Capable of coming down and guarding a slot receiver, Holland is very good in man coverage. When the ball is in the air, Holland goes after it. Holland never shies away from a tackle and that is a trait that you want from your strong safety. He is extremely athletic and has very good ball skills. The third or fourth round could be Holland’s sweet spot.


The first thing that stood out for me when watching Holland play are his eyes. The game hasn’t necessarily slowed down for him yet, he needs to be more relaxed instead of biting on everything that he sees. In Holland’s year off, I’m really curious to see what he was working on. I hope he just studied the game so he can comprehend different offensive concepts faster. While Holland is extremely athletic, his long speed is a missing component. He was also very flat footed at times because he was so reliant on using his hands and physicality. In my eyes, Holland is a developmental prospect that can eventually be a good strong safety in the NFL.


I don’t think Holland is a can’t miss prospect, but I do see his potential. I really like his physical nature and he’s never scared of contact. The Falcons and Jaguars could all use that type of player on the backend of their defense. The Cardinals could pair him up with Budda Baker and that would be scary as well. I have an early day three grade on Holland, but I think he’ll be off the board in round three.

Jevon Holland
Jevon Holland
Film Study

Eyes + Instincts 6.75/10

Tackling 8.25/10

Range 6/8

Ball Skills 5.5/8

Man Coverage 5.25/6

Zone Coverage 4/6

Athleticism 4/5

Versatility 3.75/5

Overall: 43.5/58

Final Rating: 75


Pro Comparison: Jordan Poyer

Team Fits: Falcons, Jaguars, Cardinals

Draft Ranking: Early Fourth Round Pick

Draft Projection: Third Round Pick

Jordan Poyer
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