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Jermar Jefferson Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Jermar Jefferson might be the fastest running back in this year’s draft class. Despite playing only 6 games in 2020, Jefferson had over 850 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. Listed at 5’10, 217 lbs., Jefferson looks like he is on the smaller side while on the field. Jefferson will be a role player in the NFL and will be a solid day three pick up for whatever team drafts him. 


Jefferson’s two biggest strengths are his vision and speed. Capable of explosive runs, Jefferson knows how to hit the hole. An impressive part of Jefferson’s game are his eyes. He is a patient runner and his vision allows him to find open running lanes. Despite being a smaller back, he puts a lot of effort into his blocking which should only improve the stronger he gets. Jefferson does a really nice job finding cutback lanes and changing direction.


Since Jefferson is a smaller running back and he’s so fast, you’d expect him to be utilized often as a receiver. That wasn’t the case in 2020, he had just nine catches for the Beavers. His patience also costs him sometimes because he gets tackle d a lot in the backfield. His smaller size makes it harder for him to run through contact which hurts his elusiveness rating. If Jefferson can gain strength he can be more than just a role player in the NFL. 


Just because he wasn’t utilized a lot as a receiver at Oregon State, doesn’t mean he can’t be a great scat back in the NFL. In New England he can take on a similar role to James White who is a free agent this year. In Green Bay, Jefferson could be the lightning to AJ Dillon’s thunder and in Dallas, Jefferson can be an offensive threat for the Cowboys. He will likely be an early day three pick and be a second string running back. 

Jermar Jefferson
Jermar Jefferson
Film Study

Vision 10.75/12

Contact Balance 5.25/10

Speed/Burst 9.75/10

Elusiveness 6.5/10

Receiving Threat 4.5/8

Change of Direction 5/5

Athleticism 3.5/5

Pass Protection 2.5/5

Overall: 47.75/65

Final Rating: 73


Pro Comparison: Myles Gaskin

Team Fits: Patriots, Packers, Cowboys

Draft Ranking: 5th or 6th round pick 

Draft Projection: Late 4th - Early 5th

Jermar Jefferson
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