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Jaret Patterson Draft Profile

Scouting Report

From a pure dominance stand point, Jaret Patterson may have been the most productive running back in college football in 2020. He single handedly had the greatest game by a running back in college football  history against Kent. State where he ran for over 400 yards and 8 touchdowns. In just 6 games, Patterson ran for 19 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards. Patterson was electric in his Junior season and will either be a day two or day three pick. 


It’s hard to describe Patterson’s running style, the only word I could think of is bouncy. He combines both speed and lateral quickness to shake defenders out of their shoes. He’s elusive because he can both get jiggy and bring the heat. On the goal line, Patterson’s hard to take down. He does a great job at sticking his foot into the earth and changing direction. Patterson is decisive when it comes to finding his running lane. Despite playing at less than 200 lbs. there were plays where Patterson showed that he could be a thumper. He’s able to run through contact despite being a lighter running back.  Overall, it is fun to watch Patterson with the ball in his hands and he can be a spark plug for what ever team decides to take a chance on him. 


In Patterson’s final year at Buffalo, he didn’t have a single reception. This is worrisome because he only had 20 the two years prior. He also didn’t look natural when running routes. As a faster back, one way to get on to the field is by being an effective receiver. Patterson didn’t show that he was capable of being a dual threat at Buffalo which is very worrisome. In pass protection, Patterson put in effort, but he would get blown up at least once in every game that I watched. If Patterson can’t hold his own against lower level competition, how will he pan out in the NFL as a blocker?


At the next level, Patterson needs to bulk up. Patterson can be a very good running back, I have no doubt in my mind about it but if he can’t help on pass plays, that is a real issue. Patterson would benefit most if he is playing behind a veteran running back like David Johnson in Houston or Joe Mixon in Cincinnati. Patterson should be used in a split-zone scheme where we he can bounce plays out and utilize his speed down the sideline. Patterson is a player who may only get a limited amount of carries per game, but will have a ton of explosive carries. 

Jaret Patterson
Jaret Patterson
Film Study

Vision 10.75/12

Contact Balance 8.25/10

Speed/Burst 9.5/10

Elusiveness 8.75/10

Receiving Threat 1/8

Change of Direction 5/5

Athleticism 4.25/5

Pass Protection 2/5

Overall: 49.5/65

Final Rating: 76

Pro Comparison: Lamar Miller

Team Fits: Texans, Bengals, Rams

Draft Ranking: 4th Round Prospect

Draft Projection: Late 3rd Round Pick

Jaret Patterson
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