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Jamin Davis Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Out of all the players in this year’s draft, Jamin Davis’ stock has risen the most. At his pro day, Davis ran a sub 4.4 40 yard dash (hand timed) and measured in at 6’3 230 lbs. These numbers are just ridiculous and should help him transition to the pro’s easily. Between Davis and cornerback Kelvin Joseph, Kentucky quietly had a really good defense in 2020. In the NFL, Davis can be a 4-3 SAM linebacker (which he played at Kentucky) or a 3-4 inside linebacker. I expect Jamin Davis to be a guy who sneaks into the first round come April 29th.


One thing I love about Jamin Davis is that he’s a thumper. What ever player that he tackles, you see their pads pop up. He does a great job at thumping in short yardage, where he doesn’t need a big run up. This comes to his advantage especially on critical 3rd and 4th down stops. Other than tackling, Davis’ biggest strength are his feet. Davis does a great job at popping his feet and his feet are always active. His active feet play to his advantage especially in coverage. In zone coverage, Davis thrives and he does a great job at reading the quarterback’s eyes. In his junior year, Davis had three interceptions and was able to contribute on special teams. As a linebacker who primarily played zone coverage, Davis does a great job at cutting off mesh concepts. In the run game, Davis does a great job at filling holes and finding running lanes.


While Davis did a great job at reading the quarterbacks eyes, sometimes you wish he processed information quicker. However, this could be due to only starting 11 games at Kentucky, so just imagine how much he’ll grow in the NFL. Even though he is an athletic freak, sometimes you just see laziness on the field. A lot of times, Davis is just jogging on the field and you wish he had a little more hustle. I also have concerns regarding his lateral speed. Even though he does a great job at filling holes in the run game, he struggles to get off of lead blockers. He got flushed out by Georgia tight end, Tre’ McKitty, and was basically pancaked. Davis is an underdeveloped prospect that still has a lot to learn.


I do believe that Davis has a high potential in the NFL. While I don’t quite have a first round grade on him, I understand why teams are so high on him. If Davis can be well coached, he has a very high ceiling. I look at the Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, and Bengals as potential landing spots for Davis. A player with similar athleticism and tackling skills is Rashaan Evans. While Evans isn’t quite as big as Davis, they have similar attributes. Jamin Davis is a player to look out for in this year’s draft.

Jamin Davis
Jamin Davis
Film Study

Eyes + IQ 7.25/10

Tackling 9/10

Strength + Hands 5/8

Athleticism 6.5/8

Pass Rush 4.75/7

Man Coverage 3.5/5

Zone Coverage 5/5

Range 3.25/5

Footwork 5/5

Overall: 49.25/63

Final Rating: 78


Pro Comparison: Rashaan Evans

Team Fits: Chiefs, Broncos, Bengals, Saints

Draft Ranking: Mid Second Round Pick

Draft Projection: Late First Round Pick

Rashaan Evans
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