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Jameis Winston is Facing a 3 game Suspension

    Sometimes it is important to say that enough is enough and that might be exactly what Buccaneers General Manager, Jason Licht, is saying about "Franchise Quarterback" Jameis Winston. Ever since he was in college Winston has been facing off the field issues. When you are designated as a franchise quarterback, you are held to a standard. Jameis Winston is not meeting the standard. If you are a franchise quarterback, it is not okay to be having encounters with the law. Jameis Winston has had multiple incidents. Jameis Winston has had his fifth year option picked up, but after getting suspended; I would not be surprised if he doesn't even make the team.

    Since being the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Jameis Winston has disappointed the Buccaneers on and off the field. Winston isn't a proven starter nor is he a known winner. Winston has always been about the hype and the potential, but at the end of the season he never lives up to the expectations. I am not saying that the Buccaneers should release Winston, but I 'm saying that I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make the team.

    The way I would handle the Jameis Winston situation is by putting him on the hot seat. Winston is already on very thin ice and this is a make or break season for him. If I'm Jason Licht, I'm telling Winston, "This is your final chance. if you don't win us some ball games, we are going to have to release you." While I am sure that Jameis is embarrassed and regrets the way he acted, I don't have any certainty that he has changed from this experience. I think that if he were one who learns from his actions, he would have learned it the first time he had an encounter with the law. 

     The world is against Jameis Winston right now, now it's his turn to prove everyone wrong.

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