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Jalen Reagor Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Jalen Reagor might be the twitchiest player in this draft and his speed kills. He has a surprisingly amazing catch radius and his athleticism allows him to make contested grabs. He’s also extremely tough and can catch the ball in traffic. I thought he was put in a crappy situation with TCU and he dropped some easy passes. From the games I watched, he didn’t really get pressed that often. I could see him being solid due to his twitchiness, but may struggle because of his size. Reagor is scary after the catch especially in space. He has amazing jump cuts and will be a pro bowl as a punt returner. I have a feeling he’ll be a number three receiver in the pro’s and used mostly as a deep threat.

Where He Should Get Drafted: Late 3rd Round

Where He Will Get Drafted: Mid 2nd Round

Rating System

Separation: B

Route Running: C+

Releases/Ability to get off Press: N/A

Speed: A+

Catch in traffic: A

Yards after the Catch: B

Hands: D

Versatility: A

Reagor gains separation due to his speed, I'd like to see him develop more as a route runner. I felt some of his releases began to get predictable, but that's more so because of the offense he was in. Outside of Henry Ruggs, Jalen Reagor is the fastest player in the draft. As a pro, I think he'll be a third receiver or more so a role player. He has pro bowl potential as a return man and if I were a head coach I'd use him all over the field. I'd use him on screens, reverses, special teams, and with deep balls. I'd love to see Reagor in an Andy Reid type situation. 

Team Fits: Chiefs, Bears, Eagles

Pro Comparison: Marquise Goodwin

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