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Jake Fromm Draft Profile

Draft Profile

I can’t see Jake Fromm being a starter in this league, but I think he could make his career being a backup. His arm strength isn’t “NFL worthy” but he’s good with rhythm throws. He won a lot of games with UGA, but he’s always had an elite run game to lean on. When it comes to throwing the ball, he lacks velocity and it all has to do with his base. He doesn’t step into his throws and needs a really good quarterback coach. He is a solid decision maker and is good with throws in the middle of the field. When he has to throw towards the numbers, he struggles. If it’s him short arming his mechanics or not putting zip, his passes are very “intercept-able”. You see corners under cut his throws way too often and I think all of his struggles come down to his arm strength. I can’t see Fromm be more than just a backup, but I hope he proves me wrong. 

Where He Should Go: 6th or 7th round

Where He Will Go: 4th round

Ideal Situation: Fromm goes to a place where it is a run first offense and he won't have to throw the ball 30 times a game. Fromm isn't going to be a franchise guy that a team builds around so he needs to be able to fit with a certain system. I think he'd do a good job with a west coast offense where an offense is oriented around pre-snap movement. Fromm can be a good backup quarterback for an NFL Team.

Team Fits: Colts, Eagles, Bears

Pro Comparison: Brian Hoyer

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