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Ja'Marr Chase Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Ja’Marr Chase has improved his rating more than any other player in the draft, post 2020 season. Chase dominated in the SEC as just a 19 year old kid and he radiates alpha dog energy. He’s the type of player that will intimidate his opponent by just looking at him. Chase is arguably the most physical wide receiver to come out of college football since Michael Thomas. Chase wisely didn’t play in 2020, so after just two years of college football he is now entering the NFL with fresh legs. After playing next to Justin Jefferson for two years, Chase knows what it takes to be successful in the NFL. He has also had a year to improve at his areas of weakness. In his rookie year, Ja’Marr Chase could potentially be the most productive rookie in his class.


There will be DB’s that won’t be able to handle the pure strength of Ja’Marr Chase. It’s kind of like having to guard Shaquille O’Neal back in the day, he’s just too damn strong. Chase is going to be lethal in the red zone and he gains separation through his physicality. For a team in need of a safety blanket, Chase is their guy. He is capable of making tough catches on third down against tight coverage. When watching Chase play, his hand strength becomes a huge bright spot he’s able to make either high point catches or receptions with a defensive back draped all over him. He does a great job at working his way back to the ball and extending his arms to make it difficult for a DB to break up the pass. Similar to Justin Jefferson, Chase plays with a lot of swagger. It looks like he talks shit and dances in the end zone, I want that mentality out of my number one X receiver. Chase is a patient route runner that is twitchy at the top of his route. Chase has the potential to be one of the best physical receivers in the NFL.


While Chase’s aggressiveness stands out, he does end up taking a lot of contact which causes him to get pressed up a lot. Hopefully in Chase’s year off, he polished his releases and was able to increase his short area quickness. In his year off Chase looked like he got faster, but his game speed didn’t show sub 4.4. I’d also like to see an increase of aggressiveness after the catch. His strength is similar to Deebo Samuel’s, yet he doesn’t utilize it very often after the catch. If put in the role, Chase can be a YAC monster. Chase also dropped a handful of passes in his final season at LSU. If Chase doesn’t improve his ability to get off the line, he could be a huge bust in the NFL, but I think his time off can only help.


Chase is a prospect with high ceiling and low floor. He can be an elite red zone threat and number one receiver, or he could struggle to gain separation against professional defensive backs. I think Chase is going to be the next Jarvis Landry. A receiver that leans on his strength and develops as a route runner, Chase has a lot of areas that call for improvement, but can be a beast if he fully develops. 

Ja'Marr Chase
Ja'Marr Chase
Ja'Marr Chase
Film Study

Seperation 6.5/10

Route Running 8.5/10

Yards After Catch 7.75/10

Speed 7/8

Contested Grabs 8/8

Releases/ Top of Route 6/8

Catch Radius 8/8

Versatility 5/5

Overall: 56.75/67

Final Rating: 85


Pro Comparison: Jarvis Landry

Team Fits: Patriots, Football Team, Panthers

Draft Ranking: First Round Prospect

Draft Projection: Top 10 pick

Ja'Marr Chase
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