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Hunter Long Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Hunter Long might be the most underwhelming prospect I’ve watched this year. Him and Chuba Hubbard were two guys that I heard really good things about, but just have really disappointed me. While Long is being looked at as a top five tight end in this draft, I don’t think he can even hold Brevin Jordan and Kyle Pitts’ drinks. Hunter Long is a player with a low ceiling and low floor. 


Hunter Long has good size and can catch the low balls thrown away from defenders. He does a good job at working back to the quarterback on scramble plays and he has some sneaky athleticism. Long does a great job at catching seam balls and when it comes to blocking edge rushers, Long gets low pad level. 


There were a lot of little things that bothered me when it came to Hunter Long’s game. While Long does have a nice, large frame, he gets out-physicalled when running routes. At the top of his route he gets pressed up by defensive backs and gets pushed off his routes. When lined up in the slot and on the line of scrimmage, it’s important to identify blitzes. Long struggled to call out second level rushers and he also shies away from contact.


I really see Long as a player who is fighting for one of the last spots on a roster. He reminds me a little bit of Anthony Fasano, and the league is moving away from that style of tight end. I didn’t give him a draftable grade, but a few teams that could use him for depth are the Washington Football Team, the Rams, and the Falcons.

Film Study

Hands + Ball Skills 4.5/8

Route Running 4.5/8

Strength 5.5/8

Athleticism 4.25/7

Yards After Catch 3/7

Intelligence 3/6

Playmaking Ability 2.5/5

Blocking Effort 3.5/5

Versatility 2.5/5

Overall: 33.25/59

Final Rating: 56


Pro Comparison: Anthony Fasano

Team Fits: WFT, Rams, Falcons

Draft Ranking: Undrafted

Draft Projection: Fourth Round Pick

Hunter Long
Hunter Long
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