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Greg Newsome II Draft Profile

Scouting Report

The amount of talent coming out of Northwestern this year is quite impressive and it’s because of guys like Greg Newsome II and Rashawn Slater. There is a certain mentality that Northwestern players have and it’s a testament to head coach, Pat Fitzgerald, who has done an amazing job. That mentality includes great tackling and strong fundamentals. At Newsome’s pro day, he measured in at 6’ and ran a sub-4.4 forty yard dash. Those measurements definitely excited NFL general managers and he’s a player that coaches will fall in love with. 


Greg Newsome II is probably the best zone corner in this year’s class. He does an amazing job at keeping leverage and staying in his receivers hip pockets. While he is primarily an outside corner, he showed that he is capable of manning up in the slot. His physicality shows up when using catch technique which is a way corners can legally slow down receivers by getting their hands on them and basically “catching them”. In order to be a really good zone corner, you need to have good eyes and instincts. Newsome reads his receivers better than any corner in this class. He knows exactly when to look back towards the ball in order to get a pass break up. While he only had one interception in 2020, he did a great job playing the football. He would run cross field and get a good angle on tackles. Newsome is also a heads up tackler and has great form. Despite only playing four games in 2020, Newsome looked like the best player on the field at all times.


The biggest concern with Newsome has to his injuries. He missed at least four games in every season, but when he was on the field he was really good. At the top of routes, Newsome’s 4.38 speed isn’t there. There are times where he’ll get a little too hands and grab his receiver resulting in a pass interference. While Newsome’s hips are very fluid, his feet get tangled up from time to time. If Newsome can stay healthy, he has all pro potential.


There are a lot of teams that could use Greg Newsome II at corner. He has the potential to be one of the best zone corners in the NFL and I expect him to be picked late in the first round. When it comes to a pro comparison, Newsome reminds me a little bit of Jeremy Lane the old Seahawks corner. He’s going to thrive with a zone coverage team. The Colts, Bills, and Jets are in the best position to take Newsome and I think his range is pick 23-30.

Greg Newsome II
Greg Newsome II
Film Study

Eyes + Instincts 9/10

Ball Skills 6.5/8

Hands 6.75/8

Footwork 4/7

Physicality 6.25/7

Size + Speed 5.75/7

Man Coverage 3.75/5

Zone Coverage 5/5

Tackling 4.5/5

Overall: 51.5/62

Final Rating: 83


Pro Comparison: Jeremy Lane

Team Fits: Colts, Lions, Jets, Bills

Draft Ranking: Picked in the 20’s

Draft Projection: Late First Round

Greg Newsome II
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