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Evaluating Top Free Agent Pickups Fantasy Value

Tom Brady's Impact on the Buccaneers

With Tom Brady signing to Tampa Bay: Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and his own fantasy values all change. Tom Brady loves to target the middle of the field and isn't known for throwing it deep outside the numbers. Jameis Winston throws the ball up to his receivers way more often than Brady ever has. Evans and Godwin's fantasy value take a bit of a hit, but they will be scoring a lot more. They will have more opportunities to make plays after the catch rather than down the field. I expect Godwin to have more success than Evans, but I can see Evans catching even more red zone touchdowns. I would love to see Tampa Bay draft Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the second round. I think his fantasy value would be huge, immediately. Tom Brady has the best weapons he's had since the late 2000's. Brady's stock definitely rises, but I still wouldn't draft him until round 9 or 10.

Deandre Hopkins' Value as a Cardinal

I think everybody's stock rises on the Cardinals. Hopkins is in a similar situation, but with a creative offensive coordinator, he can get the ball more often in space. I don't see Hopkins stock rising too much, if anything it will drop a little bit. Deandre Hopkins is going to help Kyler Murray's stock a ton. Kyler Murray is my sleeper candidate for MVP, if he gets protection. Kyler Murray was already going to take a big year two step. Murray gets an elite receiver and his "CeeDee Lamb". Kenyan Drake's value also rises because they have a player who can stretch the field. Christian Kirk will be a great number 2 receiver and I think the Cardinal's team as a whole will have a much better year under Kliff Kingsbury. 

Todd Gurley to the Falcons

I still don't think Todd Gurley will get drafted until the fourth round, but I think his stock falls a little bit. The Falcons have a similar offensive line to the Rams, and overall just have a similar offense to LA. It seemed like Sean McVay didn't want to feed Todd Gurley the ball last season, so that might be the only difference when it comes to coordinators. The Falcons and Rams both have similar weapons on the outside so I really don't see too much of a difference for anybody on the Falcons.

Stefon Diggs to the Bills Helps Everyone

Stefon Diggs being traded to the Bills was one of the best things that could've happened to both his and Josh Allen's fantasy stock. Diggs has the opportunity to truly be a number one receiver. Diggs will be exponential when it comes to Josh Allen's growth. Allen hasn't ever had that true number one target. Allen is finally going to be able to use his rocket of an arm and if he can become more accurate, this duo can be deadly. It's time for the Bills to take over the AFC East and it starts with Diggs and Josh Allen. This moves also helps Adam Thielen. When ever you mention Adam Thielen, you have to mention Stefon Diggs. Thielen now has his chance to separate himself from Diggs and become "that guy". I still believe both teams will find more help at receiver in the draft, but a lot of people benefit from this trade.

Teddy Bridgewater to the Panthers

Teddy Bridgewater is one of my favorite quarterbacks in the NFL and he fits perfectly into what Matt Rhule wants to do. Christian McCaffery was already going to be the number one pick in this year's draft, but this helps him even more. This move also has to help Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore. Teddy Bridgewater is extremely accurate and doesn't turn the ball over. Bridgewater elevates this team as a playoff contender. Teddy Bridgewater is a team first guy and will make sure to distribute the rock. I'd like to see the Panthers protect him in the draft.

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