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Fantasy Dream Scenarios for the Draft

Justin Fields to the San Francisco 49ers

Assuming that Trevor Lawrence gets drafted by the Jaguars and Zach Wilson gets drafted by the Jets, this is the best case scenario. Justin Fields would be able to take the Kyle Shanahan offense to a completely different level. The combination of accuracy, pocket poise, athleticism, and ability to make it through his progressions makes him a phenomenal fit in the 49ers offense. I'm not buying into the Mac Jones smoke; if the 49ers draft Fields, they could be looking at a dynasty. Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle all become better options in fantasy football this year. So I pray to the fantasy gods, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan please make this happen. Let Justin Fields suit up in that red and gold.

Justin Fields
Trey Lance
Trey Lance to the Denver Broncos

The team that quietly has the best offensive fire power in the NFL could be the Denver Broncos. They have been limited in recent years due to bad quarterback play and injuries,  but the addition of Trey Lance would completely change the dynamic of this team. I suspect that the Broncos will have to trade up to grab Lance, but this move would bring out the best in Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, and KJ Hamler. Lance has the best arm in this draft (I stand by that) and I have him ranked as my number two quarterback in the draft. His pocket mobility, deep ball accuracy, and natural intangibles will allow the Broncos to execute their west coast offense perfectly.

Najee Harris to the Arizona Cardinals

While people are calling Najee Harris the best running back in the draft, I feel as if they aren't alluding to just how good he is. I genuinely believe he's the best college football running back since Saquon Barkley. His versatility as a runner and receiver paired alongside Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury is a match made in heaven. Harris' ability to change directions along with his contact balance and pure athleticism reminds me a lot of Matt Forte. I am aware that the Cardinals just signed James Conner, but Harris would be their every down back that gets 20+ carries a game. If Harris is drafted by the Cardinals he should be a first round fantasy pick.

Najee Harris
Travis Etienne.jpg
Travis Etienne to the New York Jets

The Jets new offense will be ran by Mike Lafleur who was the passing game coordinator for the 49ers last year. New York will be running the Shanahan style west coast offense with Zach Wilson under center. At the top of the second round, they are in prime position to select Travis Etienne the running back from Clemson. Etienne's blazing speed, contact balance, and ability as a receiver would make him lethal in the Jets' offense. When watching his film and making his draft profile (which you can see by clicking the picture below) he reminded me a lot of Raheem Mostert which is why I think he'd be a perfect fit for the Jets.

Devonta Smith to the Eagles

Jalen Hurts needs his alpha, his number one receiver, his go to guy. By drafting Devonta Smith, the Eagles would be stealing the best receiver in the draft at pick number 12. The Eagles need guys who are reliable and can gain separation, that is the dimension that Smith would bring to the Eagles' offense. I am confident that Nick Sirianni will want to bring his own flavor to this offense and he'd be making an absolute power move by drafting Smith. By adding Smith to the offense, that makes him an instant pro bowl caliber receiver and it would bring out the best in Jalen Hurts.

Devonta Smith
Kyle Pitts
Kyle Pitts to the Carolina Panthers

The Panthers just went all in on Sam Darnold, now they will need to go all in on surrounding him with pieces. Darnold has an all-pro running back and two great receivers, but he's still missing that pro bowl tight end. Kyle Pitts isn't just a pro bowl tight end, he's generational, he's revolutionary. If Kyle Pitts is playing alongside Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore, and Robby Anderson, the Panthers could make a run at the Buccaneers title. This offense would be legit and Kyle Pitts may be a top five tight end from day one.

Ja'Marr Chase to the Dolphins

If Ja'Marr Chase was able to dominate guys like Trevon Diggs and AJ Terrell at 19 years old, just imagine what he's able to do now against guys like Stephon Gilmore and Tre'Davious White in the AFC East. Chase is going to be a 50/50 guy for Tua Tagovailoa and him paired with Devante Parker and Will Fuller is crazy to even think about. The Bills have a lot of offensive fire power, and the Dolphins are going to have to match it in order to win the AFC East. By adding Ja'Marr Chase, they have a great chance at overtaking the Bills.

Ja'Marr Chase
Jaylen Waddle
Jaylen Waddle to the Patriots

With Julian Edelman retiring, the Patriots are now in need of another receiver. Waddle would add speed and versatility to the Patriots offense, and he can be the number one guy in New England. Kendrick Bourne, Nelson Agholor, and N'Keal Harry are all good receivers, but I don't think they're number ones. Waddle would be the number one in this offense and he'd do what the Patriots wanted Antonio Brown to do. In this offense, Waddle would be Cam Newton's big play guy and do most of his work after the catch. The Patriots might not know it yet, but Waddle could be the missing piece to this offense.

Kadarius Toney to the Jaguars

One player that Urban Meyer absolutely loved at Ohio State was Curtis Samuel; by drafting Toney he gets a player he can use in that role. I think it's fair to say that Jamal Agnew will also be used in that role, but Toney is a better pure receiver than Agnew. Toney might be my favorite receiver in this draft and his ability to get busy after the catch, run amazing routes, and be used all over the offense makes him a beautiful fit with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I think it's nice to always pair a receiver with a franchise quarterback in the same year. Similar to Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins, I expect Kadarius Toney and Trevor Lawrence to be paired up for a long, long time.

Kadarius Toney
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