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Dyami Brown Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Wow, this wide receiver class is deep. University of North Carolina receiver, Dyami Brown, was a lot of fun to watch and he is another player that really surprised me. From Javonte Williams and Michael Carter to Sam Howell and Dyami Brown, University of North Carolina was an offensive powerhouse in 2020. Standing at 6’1, 185 lbs., Brown has a leaner build, but still does a great job playing through contact. He’s a great downfield threat, in his junior season at UNC he averaged 20 yards per reception. Consistency stood out as well, Brown averaged 100 yards per game and had eight touchdowns on the season. Overall, Brown is going to be a really good number two receiver in the NFL.


On deep throws, Brown does a phenomenal job at tracking the ball over the shoulder and he makes everything look super clean. His adjustment ability comes to fruition when he’s heavily guarded. He’s aggressive on contested catches and is slippery after the catch. Brown is arguably the best deep ball receiver in the class and a very consistent target for his quarterback. Despite being a slimmer player, Brown loves blocking. He has an aggressive nature in the blocking game and I expect him to be utilized on special teams in the NFL. There is a lot of room for improvement in Dyami Brown’s game which should excite NFL general managers and make him a big developmental piece in the NFL.


A few noticeable flaws in Brown’s game stood out on film. The first concern is that he lets balls come to him. You’d like to see him go and grab the ball with his hands rather than letting the ball come to his body. He also played strictly on the left side as an outside receiver for UNC, which is rare. It’s not often you see a receiver stay in one place in 2020. He also struggled in the Syracuse game against Ifeatu Melifonwu, who is one of the best defensive backs in the draft this year. 


In the NFL, I’d love to see Brown land with a creative offensive coordinator who can utilize his full ability. A good landing spot for Dyami Brown is with another Brown, AJ Brown that is. He’d be his number two receiver and with the departure of Corey Davis, the Titans desperately need to add playmakers on the outside. In San Francisco, he can be Kyle Shanahan’s number three receiver after Kendrick Bourne left to Foxborough. The combination of big play ability and highlight catches reminds me a lot of Michael Gallup. Dyami Brown is a second round caliber player, however he is being overlooked due to the receiver depth in this draft. There is a good chance he falls into being an early day three pick.

Dyami Brown
Dyami Brown
Dyami Brown
Film Study

Seperation 8/10

Route Running 8/10

Yards After Catch 8/10

Speed 6/8

Contested Grabs 7.5/8

Releases/ Top of Route 5.75/8

Catch Radius 7/8

Versatility 2.5/5

Overall: 52.75/67

Final Rating: 79


Pro Comparison: Michael Gallup

Team Fits: Eagles, 49ers, Titans

Draft Ranking: Second Round Grade

Draft Projection: Fourth Round Pick

Dyami Brown
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