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Dwayne Haskins Scouting Report

Grading Scale (Out of 5)

Accuracy: 3.5

In the pocket: 3.5

Outside the Pocket: 2.75

Against Blitz: 2.5

Progressions: 5

Throw on the Run: 3

Improvisational Skills: 2.85

Mobility: 2.5

Awareness/ Internal Clock: 2.25

Redzone: 2.25

Decision Making: 3.5

Team Presence/ Clutch Gene: 4/5

Gut Feeling: 3/5

Overall: 3.12/5

Dwayne Haskins.jpg

SummaryRight now Dwayne Haskins is a consensus top 3 quarterback in this draft class and is looked at as a top ten pick. I think with Haskins, there is a lot of goods and a lot of not so goods. Haskins has a ton of potential.  I say this because of what he does before and during the snap. He makes outstanding pre-snap reads and does a great job recognizing soft spots. Haskins has nice touch and his best throws are in the intermediate game  (10-18 yards). Haskins is good at stepping up in the pocket and can throw on the run (on bootlegs and designed movement plays). Where Haskins struggles is throwing the deep ball and when he is forced out of his place. I’m hoping Haskins works on his speed a little bit because I’m not sure if he’ll be able to turn the corner on bootlegs in the NFL without getting chased down by defensive ends. One other thing he needs to work on is his consistency on third down and in the red zone. It was hard to watch him against Purdue on crucial moments, which is why his awareness grade is so low. I noticed that he constantly checks the ball down on third and long. A special trait that I love about him is his ability to anticipate the soft spot in a zone and recognizing the coverage before the play even happens. He is a good decision maker and his teammates love him, which is an other trait that you want your starting quarterback to possess. 

Biggest Strengths: Progressions and Anticipation

Biggest Weaknesses: Against the Blitz and Deep Accuracy

Draft Grade: Late 1st Round Pick

Draft Projection: Top 10 Pick


Comparison: Jimmy Garoppolo QB 49ers

Despite their body types being different, both Jimmy Garoppolo and Dwayne Haskins are good at scanning the field and struggle on the deep ball. In terms of teammate interaction, Dwayne Haskins is beloved similar to Garoppolo. You could see Haskins tweeting during the NFL combine rooting on his teammates, this is similar to how Garoppolo bought his teammates Jordans for Christmas. This is a gigantic trait that  your quarterback must have . It reminds me of the movie, "Draft Day" where none of Bo Callahan’s teammates liked him. Obviously that movie is fiction, but this characteristic is a key component to being successful. One thing that Haskins needs to improve on, is his improvisational skills and his ability to be poise against pressure. Those are two of Garoppolo’s greatest traits and if Haskins wants to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, he needs to improve on them. Both Garoppolo and Haskins are true winners, Garoppolo is 8-2 in games he started compared to Haskins being 13-1 last season. I think they both struggle putting the ball in the end zone once they get in to the red zone, but this is a solid comparison for Haskins.

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