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Doug Martin Gets Released

Inconsistencies troubled Doug Martin throughout his whole entire career as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. In his rookie year he shocked the NFL, he was amongst the Adrian Peterson's, Jamal Charles', the Marshawn Lynch's; he was the next great running back in the NFL. He was a dynamic player and I remember playing him in fantasy against the Oakland Raiders. It was the first year I'd ever played fantasy football and he was the first big waiver wire pick up I'd ever have. I remember saying, "I need a running back!" I strolled the wire for hours and my gut told me to pick up Martin and then boom! He got me 49 points, I was like "DAAAAMN! I might be good at this..." but since then he has failed to live up to expectations. He was disappointing for the Bucs this season coming off a suspension and didn't live up to hype. The NFL Is a what have you done for me now type of league and this is the exact case for Doug Martin. I think it was only a matter of time for him but hopefully he can find a new home.

While even though Doug struggled, he definitely showed signs of potential. He is a versatile back and is still in his twenties. He also has shown that he can handle the load just wasn't a great fit for Tampa Bay. I think Martin will have options and will do well in the meeting rooms, through hard knocks we saw his colorful personality which could help him get a job in the near future. I don't think Martin will go to a place where he'll be the starter but he can definitely find somewhere where he'll have a role in the offense. I think it would be interesting to see him in LA where he could either back up Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon. I think he'd also be a nice fit in Cleveland where Hue Jackson would find creative ways to get him the ball. He may also do well in New England where Bellichick could mold him into being one of their infamous scrappy backs. Either way I think Martin will find a new home before training camp begins.

Now the Bucccaneers only running back signed into next season is Peyton Barber so they're going to need to find a new one soon. There are a ton of gem's in free agency and some big time play makers in the draft. They have a ton of options; the first player I'd go after has to be Saquon Barkley. He is a once in a lifetime type of player and deserves what ever they'd need to do to trade up for him. If they really wanted Barkley I think they'd either need to trade up for pick number 2 or 3. If they want to resort to free agency, I think Rex Burkhead would do wonders with them. I also think Alfred Morris would do well with them, he proved that he could be a number one back in the NFL while Ezekiel Elliot was suspended. I also think they could resort to Sony Michel in the 2nd round, it would be a nice fit for Michel and he could be Jamies' safety blanket. He would get the ball from 12 to 15 times per game. I think that is their best option and should draft Michel and resign Charles Sims.

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