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AFC Division-By-Division NFL Draft Guide

AFC East

Best Player: Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Dolphins

Minkah Fitzpatrick might be the most versatile player in this draft. He had a ton of production at Alabama and will be an instant leader on the Dolphins defense. When watching tape, I noticed how instinctive Fitzpatrick is. The Dolphins got a player that will make an instant impact and will help the defense in all facets. I think the Dolphins got a player who might be able to guard Gronk and some of the top tight end's in the league. Minkah comes from a Nick Saban led team which tells you he is relentless, discipline, and he'll never give in, which is exactly what you need to defeat the Patriots. The Dolphins got a big time pick in Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Best Fit: Sony Michel RB Patriots

Sony Michel to the Patriots might have been one of my favorite picks from the first round. Splitting reps with Nick Chubb, Michel was never a workhorse back in Georgia; which is perfect in New England. At Georgia, Michel showed that he could be a dynamic player and I can only imagine what Josh McDaniels has in store for him. Michel will be used all over the place in New England and he's a perfect fit with the Patriots.

Sleeper Pick: Braxton Berrios WR Patriots

The easy thing to say about Braxton Berrios is he's a white slot receiver which fits the mold for the Patriots. I think that is true, but there is more to that. With Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks gone for good, and Julian Edelman gone for the first 4 games, the Patriots are in desperate need for someone to step in. Braxton Berrios could be the next best Patriots receiver, he fits the mold; and someone needs to fill the whole for the New England.

AFC North

Best Player: Baker Mayfield QB Browns

When you're the number one overall pick in the draft, there is something special about you. Mayfield has a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder, and there is no better place to have that than Cleveland. Mayfield is a high intensity player and the Browns need that if they want to change the story on Cleveland football.  Baker Mayfield was a two-time walk on that has been hated on his entire career. He has turned all these haters and controversies to motivation, that motivation has allowed him to be a Heisman trophy winner and the first overall pick. Mayfield is more than just a feel good story, he's a great player and he's ready to raise the roof in Cleveland.

Best Fit: Lamar Jackson QB Ravens

Jackson will have to wait to get on to the field, but once he gets his chance, he could blow up the league. I think he could form a duo with Jordan Lasley, a rookie receiver from UCLA, and help revive Jon Harbaugh's career. I would like to bring up a couple of forgotten facts. Number one; he gets to learn from Robert Griffin, who will have a ton of advice for Jackson because he has been there, and done that. Number two; Colin Kaepernick. Lamar Jackson will get a chance to work with Kaepernick's head coach, Jim Harbaugh, who's brother is Jon Harbaugh. Jackson will also get to work with Kaepernick's offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, who is currently the Assistant Head Coach in Baltimore. And finally, Jackson will have Colin Kaepernick's number one receiver Michael Crabtree. The 3rd forgotten fact is that his offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg has worked with some of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time including two of the greatest mobile quarterbacks, Steve Young and Michael Vick. Jackson is in a great position to succeed in Baltimore.

Sleeper Pick: Mark Walton RB Bengals

From Jordan Lasley to Sam Hubbard to James Washington to Malik Jefferson, there were a lot of really good sleeper picks in this division. Mark Walton is my biggest sleeper in this entire draft and he showed me a lot on tape in a short time this year. His two biggest flaws entering the draft was off the field and staying healthy; he had a daughter this year which has a really big impact on one's character. He has faced a lot of family issues and I think he'll be able to convert that into motivation to be the best person possible. Staying healthy is something you can't control, but Frank Gore also had a lot of injuries at Miami and we saw how that turned out.  Walton may have the best vision in this draft, when running it seemed like he had eyes on the back of his helmet. He has a great jump cut and it seems like he is always making a big play. Walton is a big time sleeper that could be a steal in this draft!

AFC South

Best Player: Quenton Nelson OG Colts

I heard he was getting fitted for a gold jacket yesterday, and his face was being modeled for a Hall of Fame bust last week... all jokes aside Quenton Nelson is a beast! A straight up mauler. The Colts got a big time player to protect their franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck. Nelson will buy time for Luck to read the defense and create holes for Marlon Mack to run through. Quenton Nelson is a top three player in this draft class and will be repping the horse-shoe on his helmet for a long, long time.

Best Fit: DJ Chark WR Jaguars

DJ Chark won the college football offseason. He balled out at the Senior Bowl and impressed at the Combine. Chark didn't receive a lot of attention at LSU because he didn't have crazy production. I love me some Danny Etling and Zach Mettenberger, but LSU quarterbacks just don't throw the ball down field. Chark will have the opportunity to compete to be the number one receiver in Duval County. With Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns gone, the Jaguars need a receiver to step up on the opposite side of Marqise Lee. I think Chark has number one receiver potential, and I am excited to see what the Jaguars have in store for him.

Biggest Sleeper: Justin Reid S Texans

I LOVE Justin Reid! He is one of the smartest players in the draft and gets a chance to pair up with Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu has played all positions on the defense and will get a chance to teach Reid how to be a true free safety. Justin Reid will get to rome the open field and be a day one starter. I expect big time production from Reid this year and be one of the top safety's in the league sooner than later. 

AFC West

Best Player: Bradley Chubb EDGE Broncos

"He's Khalil Mack and Von Miller combined!" That is one compliment to receive! Chubb is a monster, coming out of NC State this year he reminded me a lot of Joey Bosa. When comparing him, I just brought up the 3 best defensive ends in the NFL, that is crazy! Chubb has a ton of potential and came to a division with some of the best defensive lines in football. Chubb is persistent and brings constant terror to quarterbacks. The AFC West is in for a big time pass rusher!

Best Fit: Derwin James S Chargers

The Chargers have been looking to fill a void in the secondary ever since Eric Weddle left. James could be the missing piece in Los Angeles and will rock the Stub Hub Center. I expect the Chargers to use James all over the place and receive a ton of production. I can't wait to see James make a big time hit and light up LA!

Biggest SleeperRoyce Freeman RB Broncos

If you watched PAC-12 football these past 2 years, you know who Royce Freeman is. Freeman was phenomenal at Oregon and had insane production. I think Freeman will handle the load in Denver and beat out Devontae Booker for the number one running back spot. Freeman is good in the run and pass game and will be a great safety blanket for Case Keenum in Denver.

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