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Devin Duvernay Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Devin Duvernay is personally one of my favorite receivers in the class. He would be a first round pick in ordinary receiver drafts, but since this year is so deep, he’ll fall to day two. He tracks the ball better than any receiver I’ve seen coming out of the draft, his speed is legit, and he’s great at catching the ball vs corners who are playing him tight. He has a thick build and he’s great after the catch. He is extremely reliable and is a great receiver on third down. He was used primarily in the slot at Texas, but also returned kicks and had some plays out of the backfield. His speed really shows up with yards after the catch. Since he played the majority of his routes in the slot, we never saw him truly get pressed right off the line. There would be times where he’d get thrown off his route in the middle of the field vs LSU, with that being said he was one of the few receivers this year that tore them apart. He is a 4.3 guy and is willing to catch the ball in the middle of the field. Personally, I believe Devin Duvernay will be one of the biggest steals in the draft and will tear defenses up in the slot.

Where He Should Get Drafted: Late first round to Early second round

Where He Will Get Drafted: Early third round

Grading Report:

Separation: C+

Route Running: D

Releases/Ability to get off Press: C

Speed: A

Contested Grabs: A

Yards after the Catch: A-

Hands: A

Versatility: B

Devin Duvernay is one of the most overlooked prospects in this draft. I think he's being overshadowed because of how much talent is in this receiver draft, but he's going to be an instant impact guy in the slot. The one big thing he needs to improve on is his route running. He uses his speed to create separation, but if he can perfect his route running he'll become an all pro. His ability to track the ball is what makes him special. A DB can be draped all over him and he'll find a way to come down with the ball, and that's why I compare him to Tyler Lockett. I think he's a thicker version of Lockett, but he's not as precise as a route runner. He's more physical after the catch, but similar to Lockett, I think he'll be a plug and play day two receiver. Duvernay looks faster after the catch than during his route. I believe Devin Duvernay will be the next Tyler Lockett for what ever team drafts him on day 2.

Team Fits: Rams, Bears, Eagles

Pro Comparison: Tyler Lockett

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