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Derrius Guice RB LSU

The Rating System

Speed 3.5/5

Vision 3.75/5

Receiver Threat 3.45/5

Yards After Contact 4/5

Elusiveness 3/5

Between The Tackles 4/5

Blocking 4.75/5

Ability to get outside 3/5

Truck 4.5/5

Gut Feeling and extra like balance (patience) 3.5/5

Overall 3.74 (above average starter)

Over View

LSU Runningback Derrius Guice was banged up through out the season but still showed a ton of signs. He isn’t the fastest nor the biggest but he is one of the most powerful backs in the NFL. He doesn’t rip off those huge runs too often but when he does he is dynamic. In college he was used as a workhorse between the tackles runner where he could use his physicality to help his team succeed. He is actually a really good blocker and loves contact he also is decent at as a receiver but didn’t get enough opportunities to show off his skill in the receiving game. I think he’d fit best with a team who runs under center where he’ll get the ball between the tackles and will be able to run you over. He would handle the load and be used as a grinder. I think he fits nicely with the Lions if Matt Patricia decides to play smash mouth football or in Seattle where he would take pressure off of Russell Wilson and change the pace for the Seahawks.

Comparison: Carlos Hyde

When finding a comparison for Derrius Guice I was going back and forth between Carlos Hyde and Mark Ingram but I thought Hyde was solid. Carlos is a physical, run you over type of back and that's similar to Guice. Carlos is also a really good receiver and I think Guice's hands are underrated. Hyde is also a good blocker, similar to Guice and have similar stocks coming out of college. Guice's physicality is off the charts and is a really good between the tackles running back similar to Hyde. Hyde has the advantage of size over Guice but I think Guice will find a system where his size allows him to wiggle between holes just to run you over.

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