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Denzel Mims Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Denzel Mims is a very physical receiver and just overall, a freakish athlete. He ran a 4.38 forty yard dash and he is 6’3. He has phenomenal body control and can contort by the sideline to make remarkable grabs. He can also be the fade receiver for an NFL team. A coachable area of improvement has to be his release package. He played most of his snaps on the outside for Baylor, and that's how I believe he'll be used in the NFL. At Baylor his head coach was Matt Rhuel who's now the head coach of the Carolina Panthers, so there is an obvious connection with him and the Panthers. I don’t believe the Panthers are in the market for a receiver, but I think Mims would be a perfect target for any one who needs a red zone target or a team that likes to throw betweem the hashes. Mims is extremely tough and he thrives in the middle of the field. I think there are definitely areas that need improvement to his game. I think he's extremely raw and I'd give him late third round grade at the moment. With the right receiver coach, he can be the next DK Metcalf.

Where He Should Go: Late Day 2 to Early Day 3

Where He Will Go: Top 10 pick in the second round

Grading Scale:

Separation: C

Route Running: C

Releases/Ability to get off Press: F

Speed: A

Catch in traffic: A+

Yards after the Catch: B

Hands: D

Versatility: N/A

Like I said earlier, Denzel Mims is an extremely raw receiver but I think he has a lot to work on. Mims has the body type and the speed and has the potential to become a beast at the next level. That being said, Mims doesn't separate well nor does he have great hands. I don't think Mims will be a number one receiver or even a number two receiver at the next level. I think he'll be a role player that is utilized in the redzone. Mims' catch radius is through the roof, but he's a boom or bust guy for me.

Team Fits: Patriots, Panthers, Jets

Pro Comparison: DK Metcalf

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