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Darrynton Evans Draft Profile

Draft Profile

I didn’t have a ton of tape on Darrynton Evans, but from what I saw I loved him. He was extremely slippery and could cut on a dime. His vision was insane and his contact balance was… well slippery. He was fast and was a really good receiver. The one big knock I’d say was that in the two games they played against the University of Louisiana, he averaged less than 4 yards per carry. When it comes to blocking, he puts a lot of effort into it so a team can use him a lot in the passing game as both a blocker and receiver. Evans is a really patient runner, but he never had over 23 carries in a game. He scored a lot of touchdowns, 23 total in his senior season. Evans has a ton of potential and I think he can be really good with more exposure.

Where He Should Go:  3rd Round

Where He Will Go: 5th Round

Rating System:

Vision: 8.5/10

Contact Balance: 9/10

Play Speed/Burst: 10/10

Change of Direction: 9/10

Receiving ability: 8/10

Pass Protection: 8/10

Elusiveness: 8.5/10

Athleticism: 8/10

Patience: 10/10

Yards per carry: 5.8

From everything I saw, Darrynton Evans doesn't have any extreme weaknesses to his game. His change of direction is insane and he's really elusive and he is a willing blocker. His vision is really solid and his cuts are so sharp. He's a patient runner, but I'd wish Appalachian State used him a little bit more. He is best as a runner on the outside where he can make someone miss. I compare him to Alvin Kamara just because of how slippery he is. In the NFL I want a team to use him more often as a receiver and as a runner with outside zone. 

Team Fits: Chiefs, Rams, Texans

Pro Comparison: Alvin Kamara

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