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Daniel Jones Draft Profile

Grading Scale

Accuracy: 3.25/5

In the pocket: 4/5

Outside the Pocket: 3/5

Against Blitz: 4/5

Progressions: 5/5

Throw on the Run: 3/5

Improvisational Skills: 3/5

Mobility: 3.5/5

Awareness/ Internal Clock: 3/5

Redzone: 3/5

Footwork: 2/5

Decision Making: 3.5/5

Team Presence:  3.5/5

Gut Feeling: 3.25/5

Overall: 3.35/5

Daniel Jones.png
Scouting Report

Daniel Jones is looked at as a top 5 quarterback in this draft, and he is ranked as my number three quarterback. He does a phenomenal job with bouncing through his reads and making the proper progressions. He doesn’t miss open receivers and I think he has the potential to eventually be a pro bowl caliber quarterback. Through his film you can see his toughness and how competitive he is. Being at Duke, he doesn’t necessarily have the greatest weapons to work with, but he did the best job with what he had. He has really good mobility for his size and is an accurate quarterback... most of the time. While I think he does a lot of things well, there are also some places where he needs to improve. First and foremost is his footwork, his footwork is a big reason for him being inaccurate at times. You see constant laziness which leads to his inaccuracies and flaws. He also likes to hold on to the ball and throw off his back foot, but the good news is that these things are all coachable. I would say Daniel Jones is an old school quarterback who can still run if he needs to. I think he ends up playing for the Giants, but I’d say he’s the best fit for Jay Gruden and the Redskins. Daniel Jones is one of the smartest players in this draft and should be a top 20 pick. I don’t see Daniel Jones being a game changer type of quarterback, but I think he will be a consistent one who plays in the league for 10+ years. Jones is capable of being a solid starter in this league and I expect him to be a game manager once he gets into the league.

Biggest Strengths: Competitiveness and Progressions

Biggest Weaknesses: Footwork and Tipped Passes

Daniel Jones.jpg
Daniel Jones.jpg
Comparison: Alex Smith

As I mentioned earlier, I believe Daniel Jones will be a game manager in the league and that is what Alex Smith is known for. Jones is a consistent quarterback and his teammates love him, similar to how Smith's teammates feel about him. Alex Smith has better accuracy than Jones but that can improve with more experience. Smith and Jones each have underrated speed and can run on third down. Neither Daniel Jones or Alex Smith have "incredible" arm strength, but they can still throw deep if they need to. Daniel Jones is capable of being in the NFL for years, but I don't see him being a game changer type of player.

Alex Smith.jpg
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