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D'Andre Swift Draft Profile

Draft Profile

D’Andre Swift had an epic career at Georgia and I think he’s also going to have an epic career as a pro. Swift thrives on the outside, he’s really good at reading defenders, and his vision has to be the best in the class. Swift also played in a run first offense with Georgia and I believe he would do really well with a run-first offense in the pros. I didn’t really see that many cons in his game, but if I had to pick one it would be his ability as a receiver. He had just 24 catches and one touchdown in 2019. I contribute that more so to his offense, but that is something that you can get better with. I want to get back to what he does well, he has really good contact balance and he’s so hard to take down once he gets to the second level. Possibly the most impressive thing I saw from him in college was the final drive vs Texas A&M. He pulled his best Vince Carter impression and said “it’s over!”. Swift has really good change of direction but it’s his vision that is his best feature. Swift has the best vision in this draft class and that’s the first thing I look for with my running backs. Swift is a plug and play running back and I believe he is worth a top 20 pick.

Where He Should Go: Top 20

Where He Will Go: First Round

Draft Evaluation

Vision: 10/10

Contact Balance: 9/10

Play Speed/Burst: 8/10

Change of Direction: 10/10

Receiving ability: 5/10

Pass Protection: 8/10

Elusiveness: 8.5/10

Athleticism: 8/10

Patience: 9.5/10

Yards per carry: 6.2 YPC

Vision: Best in the draft, extremely decisive about which holes he goes in, and does an amazing job at reading his defenders.

Contact Balance: Once he gets into the second level, there's no stopping him.

Play Speed/Burst: Really good and NFL ready, but it's not the main part of his game.

Change of Direction: He's really good at sticking his foot in the ground and get his defenders moving lateral instead of North and South.

Receiving Ability: He's extremely capable of being a receiver, but wasn't asked of it very often at Georgia.

Pass Protection: From what I saw, he was great at picking up the blitz. He just wasn't asked of it that often.

Elusiveness: He's extremely shifty, but this isn't what his game is about.

Athleticism: He's a great running back, this isn't a knock on his game what-so-ever.

Patience: He does a great job at reading his defenders and picking his holes.

Potential Fits: Dolphins and Seahawks

Pro Comparison: Nick Chubb

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