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Jay Cutler signs with the Miami Dolphins

You guys like this backdrop? Reminds me of the Miami Dolphins... Oh Wait! Speaking of the Dolphins, They recently convinced Jay Cutler to come out of retirement and sign a 1-year $10 million contract. Over the offseason, Cutler joined Fox Sports as a game analyst and took a little break to his playing career. Now with Tannehill the Dolphins need a QB and Cutler, Kaepernick, and RG3 are probably the best options and which one would I choose? This is probably the only situation I'd take Cutler over Kaepernick. Cutler is familiar with Adam Gases system and hasn't had talent this good around him. If Cutler is the real deal we will see this year.

Expectations for Miami: I expect the Dolphins to go just below .500 with a 7-9 record; I think Cutler struggles within the division and will have a hard time dealing with the very talented Bills and Patriots defense. I'll give you Dolphins fans something to look forward to; Jay Ajayi. I think Ajayi will be the most explosive back this season and lead the league in rush attempts and yards. I think you can expect more than 315 carries and around 1,500 yards... I think this truly will be a special season from the Miami Backfield. Coming into Miami, Cutler inherits one of the most dynamic young receiving corps in the whole entire league! He has the "Guy You Can Just Throw It Up to"  in DeVante Parker, the "Deep Ball Guy" Kenny Stills, and the Elite in Jarvis Landry. This is the best scenario for Jay Cutler and this year will play a huge role in his legacy... Right now we look as him as the guy with potential who throws a little more interceptions than he should... I don't think he deserves to be considered as a starting quarterback, let's take a look at his stats and compare him to some other quarterbacks.

Jay Cutler Dolphins QB

In The Past 4 Seasons

46 games

TD-INT ratio: 72-46

11,151 passing yards

Sacked 103 times

534 rushing yards 

3 rush touchdowns

31 Fumbles

0 playoff starts

In 5 Starts from 2016

59% Completions

TD-INT ratio: 4-5

1,059 passing yards

Sacked 17 times

24 rushing yards

6 Fumbles

Matt Moore Dolphins QB

In 4 Starts from 2016

TD-INT ratio: 8-3

701 passing yards

Sacked Once

-1 rushing yards

0 rushing touchdowns

1 Fumble

1 Playoff Start

Colin Kaepernick Free Agent QB

In the Past 4 Seasons

53 games

TD-INT ratio: 62-27

10,422 passing yards

Sacked 155 times

1,887 rushing yards

8 rushing touchdowns

27 Fumbles

3 playoff starts (not including Superbowl year)

Let's let the Numbers speak for themselves... KAEPERNICK NEEDS TO BE SIGNED AND IS AN NFL QUARTERBACK

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