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Comparing NFL to NBA Stars

Lebron James to Tom Brady

This is by far the easiest comparison. Two of the greatest players to ever do it and two players that never age. Both players invest so much money and time into their bodies and have such a big influence on the game. Both players have been to and won so many championships and have won nearly every award in the book. The two players both have underdog stories. While Lebron was the first overall pick out of high school, the way he grew up in Akron, Ohio; his odds were unlikely. Tom Brady was the 199th pick in the NFL draft and has become the winningest player of all time. While Brady might not have James' athletic prowess, greatness is undeniable.

Russell Westbrook to Cam Newton

These are two players who I believe all of their peers respect and when they were at their prime, no one was stopping them. When I think of these two players, I think of dominance. When Russ is going to the rim, nobody is getting in his way... and if they do they'll end up on a poster. It's the same with Cam Newton on his way into the end zone, just ask the Cardinals. Both of these players have a ton of swag and have their own, unique style. No matter what they're wearing, they look good in it. The two players are both extremely dominant and in their MVP seasons, they broke record after record. Neither of the two players have won the big game yet, but they're both on their second stint after being looked at as "franchise players". This is one of my favorite cross league comparisons. 

Steph Curry to Russell Wilson

These two players can never be underestimated. No matter what the score is, you can't count these players out. Coming out of the draft, both of them were over looked, and quickly became stars. It seems like all these stars do is win (when Steph is healthy). Both of these two make some ridiculous plays that just don't seem possible. Now that both of these guys are on the second half of their careers, they aren't being talked about as much, but will show the critics that they're wrong as soon as they get back on to the court. As someone who has hated both the Warriors and the Seahawks for years, this was an easy comparison for me because of how many nightmares both of these players have given me.

Russell Wilson.jpg
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Patrick Mahomes

When I think about the one player who will take over the NFL for the next ten years I think of Mahomes, and same with Giannis for the NBA. I think they are both freaks on the field and court. Giannis has freakish athleticism while Mahomes has freakish arm talent. They both have a ton of swag and were at the top of their conferences last season. Giannis has highlight reel dunks while Mahomes seems to end up on "House of Highlights" every Sunday. Both of these players are going to be the face of their leagues for the next decade so I had to make this comparison.

Ja Morant to Lamar Jackson

The combination of youth and talent between these two players are lethal. Between Lamar Jackson's ankle breakers and Ja Morant's dunks, they are both "must watch" players. They are both extremely confident, young athletes who've dominated at every level of the game. It seems like both of them are playing either madden or 2k when they are on the field and they just bring a spark to the game. Both of these two players are guys with ridiculous potential and are revolutionizing their position. Morant is the most athletic point guard since Russell Westbrook while Lamar Jackson's only possible comparison is Michael Vick. These are two bright young stars that are fun to watch.

Zion Williamson to Nick Bosa

Other than them being drafted within the first two picks in the same year, they each have a certain type of rare superiority from their opponents. When Zion has the ball in the paint there's no stopping him like Nick Bosa when he gets the edge on a rush. They are both relentless, Zion gets a tremendous amount of offensive rebounds while Nick Bosa never gives up on his rush. They were also both players that everyone knew were going to be great coming out of college. I see Zion and Nick both winning defensive player of the year at some point relatively early in their careers. Both of these guys are on young, star studded teams and I think this is a perfect comparison.

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