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Coaching Fits for Each Team with Open Spots

Houston Texans

What They Need Personality Wise

The Texans need a leader that can take command of the room. They are coming off of six years with Bill O'Brien who was the exact opposite of that. O'Brien dug a very deep hole for the Texans, but thankfully they have Deshaun Watson. Watson is exactly what makes this job so attractive. He is a top five quarterback in the NFL and he defines "franchise quarterback". If Watson is paired with someone who the whole team respects, Houston will be an attractive spot in free agency. 

Offensive or Defensive?

The Texans need to pair Deshaun Watson up with an offensive genius. In 2020, it felt like the Texans would run bootlegs out of the pistol formation every time they were in the red zone. If they add some spice to this offense and Deshaun Watson will be the favorite for MVP.

Ideal Coach: Eric Bieniemy Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

Other options: Arthur Smith Titans OC, Jim Caldwell, Brian Daboll Bills OC

Atlanta Falcons

What They Need Personality Wise

The Falcons need a coach who is creative and is willing to try things out offensively. They also need a coach on the defensive side of the ball who is discipline and will always put the defense in the best position to win. The Falcons have so much fire power on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, and Grady Jarrett are all players this team can build around. Atlanta is a city that players like coming to and with the right head coach, this team has foundational players that can build a culture. 


Offensive or Defensive?


The Falcons can either hire an offensive or defensive coach as long as they are coupled with an amazing coordinator on the other side of the football. If this team wanted to, they could go the route that the Packers took. Hire a young offensive minded head coach with an experienced defensive coordinator like Wade Phillips. The Falcons could also hire Robert Saleh and pair him with the 49ers run game coordinator, Mike McDaniel, as offensive coordinator. The Falcons are going to have a ton of options with the fourth overall pick and will need to make a decision whether or not to roll with Matt Ryan as quarterback. As long as Arthur Blank hires a coach with a clear vision, it will be hard to mess this up.


Ideal Coach: Brandon Staley Rams Defensive Coordinator 

Other Options: Robert Saleh 49ers DC, Arthur Smith Titans OC, Kevin O'Connell Rams OC

Julio Jones
Detroit Lions

What They Need Personality Wise

The Lions desperately need a players coach. They need someone who the players would feel open to going to if they need life advice and someone who treats them as mutuals. They are coming off three seasons of a failed culture built by Matt Patricia. The Lions have a lot of veteran players and should have a "win now" mentality. They need someone who isn't afraid to be aggressive and who isn't okay with being mediocre.

Offensive or Defensive?

Similar to the Falcons, this team can go after both an offensive or a defensive coach. The Lions need a leader and someone who is respected throughout the league. The Lions have a top 10 pick and will need to make a decision whether or not Matthew Stafford is "their guy". If they choose to pursue one of the top four quarterbacks in the draft this year, they should hire an offensive mind. If they choose to stick with Stafford, they can go either way. The Lions should hire someone who the players will buy into.

Ideal Coach: Robert Saleh 49ers Defensive Coordinator

Other Options: Anthony Lynn (former) Chargers HC, Brian Daboll Bills OC, Jack Del Rio WFT DC, Leslie Frazier Bills DC

Matthew Stafford.jpg
New York Jets

What They Need Personality Wise

The Jets need someone who is energetic and willing to rebuild. They also need someone who is aggressive and willing to make bold moves. They should pursue either Justin Fields or Zach Wilson in the draft rather than sticking with Sam Darnold. When you have a team that is that bad, you just need to cleanse the franchise and start over. Darnold should go somewhere else and serve as a backup, while the Jets pursue one of the top quarterbacks. 

Offensive or Defensive?

The Jets must go with an offensive mind. It's imperative a team hires an offensive head coach whenever you are drafting a young quarterback that high. The Jets can go hire either a young or experienced coach as long as he is able to set a foundation. The Jets will be an attractive job with a lot of draft picks and a lot of money to go along with the "New York market". This is a team that could take a chance on a college coach as well.

Ideal Coach: Arthur Smith Titans Offensive Coordinator

Other Options: Eric Bieniemy Chiefs OC, Doug Pederson Eagles HC (if made available), Urban Meyer, Brian Daboll Bills OC, Ryan Day Ohio State HC

Justin Fields
Jacksonville Jaguars

What They Need Personality Wise

The Jaguars need a coach who is exciting and who has a vision. The Jaguars are arguably the most attractive job opening. They have young talent all over the offense and defense, the first overall pick, and the most cap space in the NFL. There is so much potential in Jacksonville and with Trevor Lawrence at quarterback, this team could have a very quick turn around.

Offensive or Defensive?

Similar to the Jets, this team needs to think offensively. They are going to end up with Trevor Lawrence in the draft and will need to pair him with an offensive mind. Assuming the Jags pursue Lawrence, they will have a young offensive core. James Robinson, DJ Chark, and Laviska Shenault will all improve with better quarterback play. This team is on pace for an awesome turn around and will be the first pick for both head coaches and general managers.

Ideal Coach: Eric Bieniemy Chiefs Offensive Coordinator​

Other Options: Ryan Day OSU HC, Urban Meyer, Brian Daboll Bills OC, Joe Brady Panthers OC, Pete Carmichael Jr. Saints OC, Dabo Swinney Clemson HC

Trevor Lawrence
Los Angeles Chargers

What They Need Personality Wise

The Chargers need someone who knows how to win and close out games. They need someone who is aggressive and willing to attack no matter what the score is. The Chargers need someone who is willing to adjust whether a player gets injured or if his team is down at half time. The Chargers also need someone who is going to help Justin Herbert grow and eventually turn into an MVP. There is a lot of talent on the Chargers, they just need someone who is able to put it all together for them.

Offensive or Defensive?

The Chargers must hire an offensive minded head coach to pair with Justin Herbert. This team has the most talent out of all the teams with a head coach opening. They also have a defense filled with super stars. Los Angeles is an attractive spot for free agents and the Chargers have the 13th overall pick in the NFL Draft. This is a spot if you want to win now and have a quick turn around.

Ideal Coach: Brian Daboll Bills Offensive Coordinator

Other Options: Eric Bieniemy Chiefs OC, Arthur Smith Titans OC

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