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Coaches Who Shouldn't Be Back in 2020

Jason Garrett Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have hands down a top 5 roster in the NFL. As much as I hate on Jerry Jones, he's done a phenomenal job building this roster in the past few years. With a top 10 quarterback in the league, a top 5 running back, and the best receiver in the league (when he's hot), the Cowboys shouldn't be a 7-7 football team. They also have a ton of superstars on this defense; this roster won't last with all these players wanting big contracts, so Dallas needs to capitalize in the years they have this team. Jason Garrett lacks creativity on offense and allows too many points on defense. I think the last straw for this team was on Thanksgiving, getting embarrassed by Buffalo. Unless the Cowboys make the NFC Championship game, I can't see Garrett returning. 

Potential Replacements: Ron Rivera or Lincoln Riley

Pat Shurmur New York Giants

The Giants need a true offensive guru. I know Shurmur is an offensive coach, but he isn't creative enough when it comes to helping their team win. In his two seasons as head coach, you haven't really seen his creativity to come into fruition. I think the Giants should clean house with both Shurmur and Gettleman, then get a GM who will invest heavily in their offensive line, defensive line, and secondary. Saquon might be the most talented running back of the generation, but talent doesn't always win games. The Giants need to get him some blockers so he can finally get running lanes to burst through. The formula for the Giants to win is get a new GM with New England roots, get a young, offensive minded head coach, and get a veteran defensive coordinator.

 Potential Replacements: Josh McDaniels, Mike McDaniel, or Eric Bieniemy

Freddie Kitchens Cleveland Browns

The Browns coaching staff is a train wreck, but I heard a report saying that the Browns plan on keeping Kitchens this year.  The Browns are one of the worst teams when it comes to analytics and personnel which is a good reason for why they're losing. The amount of failed creativity shows you that Kitchens doesn't really have a good feel for calling games and for a team with this much talent, it shouldn't be this hard. Thy have a top three receiving core and the league's leading rusher. The Browns could really come in with a defensive minded head coach who brings a young analytics based team offensive coordinator and they'd be successful. This team needs to be more progressive and focus on personnel and analytics. My ideal situation for them is to hire Robert Saleh as head coach and bring Mike Lafleur as OC.

Potential Replacements: Robert Saleh, Ron Rivera, Eric Bieniemy (Dorsey Connection)

Ideas for the Redskins and Panthers

Having already fired their head coaches, here are my ideas for these upcoming teams. In my opinion, the Redskins best option is Urban Meyer or Ryan Day. Build around your franchise quarterback, and there are no better options than these two. Both coaches are also great with developing running backs such as Ezekiel Elliott and JK Dobbins. With the Redskins job, they can develop Derrius Guice and turn him into one of the league's best running backs. For Carolina, I'm thinking Eric Bieniemy. Carolina can use a young offensive head coach and will most likely be building around a quarterback in the draft. Eric Bieniemy will get a top 10 pick and can build around Christian McCaffery and a rookie quarterback. 

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