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CeeDee Lamb Draft Profile

Draft Profile

By watching the tape, you can tell why CeeDee Lamb is considered a top 3 receiver in this draft. He fits the mold of the receiver that every team builds around. There’s no better player after the catch than CeeDee Lamb in this draft. He doesn’t necessarily have insane speed, but he is great at running through contact and is decisive with his juke angles. I love his physicality. He does an amazing job with contested catches and he has a ton of swag. A lot of the flaws to his game are coachable. I noticed some of his routes started to become predictable by his body language and he doesn’t have elite speed. His separation isn’t due to amazing route running but more so because he’s in the BIG 12. He’s a really strong blocker, but it’s his ability to make plays after the catch is what he’s known for. In college he was used a lot downfield, but in the NFL I’d like his coach to use him on intermediate in-breaking routes. That way he can let his physicality lead the way. Lamb is a top 15 pick and it is for good reason.

Where He Should Get Drafted: Top 25

Where He Will Go: Top 13

Rating System:

Separation: C-

Route Running: C+

Releases/Ability to get off Press: B

Speed: B-

Catch in traffic: A

Yards after the Catch: A+

Hands: B-

Versatility: B+

I think CeeDee Lamb is a hybrid comparison between DeAndre Hopkins and Deebo Samuel. His ability to make contested catches in traffic are similar to Hopkins while his physicality and yards after the catch are similar to Samuel's. He's inconsistent with catching, some games he's automatic while other ones he'll drop every other target (he dropped three passes vs LSU). It looks like he's gotten faster since the pre-draft process started and his route running is going to be on another level after he gets drafted. He's been working with Rischad Whitfield who's one of the best known trainers in the game. He's amazing with developing footwork when it comes to route running and releases, so I expect Lamb to be much improved. Lamb is a physical runner and can be used on reverses and can play both slot and on the outside. Lamb is a really good player and he'll be a receiver one in the NFL.

Team Fits: Jets, Ravens, Raiders

Pro Comparison: Deebo Samuel and Deandre Hopkins

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