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Carson Wentz Traded to the Colts

The Indianapolis Colts just acquired Carson Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles in return for a 2021 third round pick and a 2022 second round pick (that could become a first round pick). This is a win-win for both teams, but especially the Colts because it fills their biggest hole, at quarterback, and the Eagles finally have clarity at the quarterback position.

When a quarterback or coach loses a locker room, it is obvious. That clearly happened with Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz last year in Philadelphia. Wentz lost the Eagles locker room to Jalen Hurts and he desperately needed a change of scenery. Wentz was bringing a toxic vibe to Philly and it hurt both himself and the Eagles organization. However, Wentz is still extremely talented and very capable of being a successful franchise quarterback, just not in Philadelphia. Wentz' best year was in 2017 when Frank Reich was his offensive coordinator. Wentz would have won MVP that season if it weren't for a freak leg injury that put him on the injured reserve for the rest of the year. In that season, Wentz showed what he is capable of and now he is being reunited with Frank Reich who is the Colts' head coach. Wentz' weapons just instantly upgraded now that he is Indianapolis. He is playing behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, with a talented running back core, an up and coming receiving core, and a better coaching staff. The Colts are putting Wentz in a position to thrive and are now legitimate Super Bowl contenders. 

The Colts win this trade by not only getting a quarterback who is capable of winning MVP, but because they don't have to pay him in 2021! The Eagles have to pay Carson Wentz a whopping $33 million which inevitably puts them in cap space hell! It is the most amount of dead money ever spent by a franchise on a single player. The Colts now have a franchise quarterback and will be able to spend big in free agency if they choose to. 

This trade initially looked great for the Eagles, until it was announced they have to pay all of that dead money to Carson Wentz. Jalen Hurts is clearly the answer in Philadelphia and by trading Wentz that creates clarity for the Eagles entire organization. Now, the Eagles have two extra picks and should be able to build their offense around Jalen Hurts this offseason. However, the Eagles general manager, Howie Roseman, just shot himself in the foot for agreeing to pay Wentz all of that money. 

In the long run this trade should help both teams, but Roseman just screwed the Eagles over by agreeing to pay over $30 million to Wentz. This year, the Colts should be Super Bowl contenders, while the Eagles will be a boom or bust team that either takes over the league with Jalen Hurts or doesn't surround him with enough weapons to thrive in his second year.

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