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Broderick Jones Draft Profile

Scouting Report

One of the most talked about topics in every draft process is that running backs and off the ball linebackers are being devalued. However, I believe it is important to talk about the other side of the coin. Certain positions also get premiums placed on them: quarterback, edge rusher, and offensive tackle. I believe Georgia left tackle, Broderick Jones, is a good player, but the value of the position shoots him up draft boards. Born and raised in Georgia, Jones committed to the Bulldogs despite having Alabama as his first offer. He ended up winning two national championships with Georgia and has entered the draft after his sophomore season with three years remaining worth of eligibility. Jones was able to face players like: Travon Walker, Jordan Davis, and Jalen Carter every day in practice. Being in the SEC, he has gone up against the best competition in the country; while he has already been very successful at a high level, I still believe there is a lot of room for Jones to grow.


At 6’5, 310 lbs. Jones moves better than almost any other tackle in the draft. He has good bend and moves extremely well in space, especially for his size. He has good knee bend when having to get on the outside to seal in outside zone and focuses on getting proper hat placement. In pass protection, his feet look extremely light and he keeps a wide base that allows him to mirror the man in front of him. His bend enabled him to stay square against top tier speed rushers who like to bend at the top of their rushes. One of Jones’ best games was against LSU where he was responsible for blocking BJ Ojulari. While his feet are light, he is capable of delivering a heavy blow; he is not afraid to sit on his opponent after pancaking them. The combination of movement skills and finish amalgamates into him being really good at the second level on combo blocks. Jones is a perfect fit in a zone scheme where he can use his athleticism to gain proper leverage on players and keep his feet moving with the flow of the run.


Broderick Jones is an interesting case because he is really good in the facets that I believe are vital for offensive linemen, but just is not very strong. Jones lacks elite anchor against power rushes which limits his ability to strain his blocks. He keeps his elbows pointed outwards on his punch and does not get a lot of knock back on initial contact. While he can bend and change directions intentionally, he is slow when having to redirect against inside moves. His hips do not sink in pass protection which causes him to stand up on contact. He also has a tendency to duck his head at the point of attack which results in him missing his block against quicker defenders. His overall strength and inability to strain his blocks give me a lot of concerns as to whether or not he will ever be an elite tackle in the NFL. While he can get stronger in the NFL, teams are going to go after his inability to handle power as soon as he steps onto the field.


While Jones’ strength is dubious, it is a normal thing for bodies to develop and get stronger as the player turns pro. It just has to be functional strength that does not take anything away from his movement skills. There are a few zone-blocking run schemes at the top of the draft that could use a player like Jones: the Titans, Jets, and Bears all come to mind. While I have more of a second round grade on him, I believe his positional value is going to get him picked inside the top 20. He reminds me of Austin Jackson coming out of USC a few years ago. Jones’ ability to get out in space and throw a block is very enticing, but opposing teams are going to harp on power-rushes early on in his career.

Draft Grade

Feet + COD: 10/12

Movement Ability in Space + Bend: 10.5/12

Strain + Seal + Strength: 7/10

Anchor + Sink: 7/10

Football IQ: 8/10

Mentality + Violence: 8.25/10

Point of Contact + Punch: 6.25/8

Recover + Poise: 6.75/8

Patience + Hands: 5/6

Overall: 68.75/88

Final Rating: 78


Pro Comparison: Austin Jackson

Team Fits: Titans, Jets, Bears

Draft Projection: Top 20 Pick

Draft Grade: Early Second Round Pick

Broderick Jones
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