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Brevin Jordan Draft Profile

Scouting Report

There is a powerhouse school for every position; Alabama produces running backs, LSU produces receivers, Ohio State produces corners, but what school produces tight ends? Two schools come to mind, Iowa and “The U”. In the past few years, Iowa has produced guys like George Kittle, Noah Fant, and TJ Hockenson; however, Miami is quietly producing. This year Brevin Jordan is coming out of Miami and he looks legit. David Njoku and Chris Herndon haven’t met expectations, but the talent is there. Jordan’s success, like most players, depends on where he ends up. 


Brevin Jordan is an athlete and a willing blocker. A creative offensive coordinator should be able to find a role for Jordan to be a star in the NFL. What I like about Jordan is his speed and wiggle. He’s got some receiver in him when it comes to running routes but he also has that nastiness to pancake a defender. Jordan has a great second push as a blocker that comes out in the run game. After the catch, Jordan’s speed is apparent and he is a hard runner. Separation comes naturally for Jordan, he just knows how to get open. Not many tight ends have a release package like Jordan’s. He’s versatile, he can line up as a full back, inline blocking tight end, and as a slot receiver. Brevin Jordan is a complete tight end.


There were some areas where he struggled as a blocker. Against speed rushers, Jordan constantly got beat. He isn’t the guy that you line up head to head against Von Miller and Dee Ford. A big reason for his struggles has to do with his footwork. Constant slipping can be fixed by a really good tight ends coach who will help Jordan get his feet under him. Jordan is also missing that initial pop that comes with blocking defenders and his bad footwork caused a few holding calls in his final year at Miami.


Overall, Brevin Jordan is a pretty well rounded tight end with high potential. Four teams that would instantly improve by drafting Jordan are the Titans, Bengals, Cardinals, and Jaguars. One of those teams just lost Jonnu Smith which is the player that Jordan reminds me a lot of. I can see Jordan being a 1,000 yard tight end in the NFL and I have him as my second rated tight end in this draft right behind Kyle Pitts. As I mentioned earlier, Jordan needs to land in a spot where he can be used all over the offense. He’d fit well with any of these teams.

Brevin Jordan
Brevin Jordan
Film Study

Hands + Ball Skills 6.5/8

Route Running 7.5/8

Strength 6.25/8

Athleticism 6/7

Yards After Catch 6/7

Intelligence 5/6

Playmaking Ability 4.25/5

Blocking Effort 3.75/5

Versatility 4/5

Overall: 49.25/59

Final Rating: 83


Pro Comparison: Jonnu Smith

Team Fits: Titans, Bengals, Cardinals, Jaguars

Draft Ranking: Mid - Late Second Round Pick

Draft Projection: Second Round Pick

Brevin Jordan
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