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Brandon Aiyuk Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Brandon Aiyuk is one of my favorite receivers in the draft this year and gets slept on too frequently. He is super physical after the catch and has freakish athleticism. He’s versatile, he can play inside and outside and is amazing in the return game. He’s not insanely fast, but he has breakaway speed. He can be used on screens, reverses, and can run practically any route you need him to. His body control is amazing and he does a great job dropping his weight at the top of his routes. His releases are boom or bust, there will be times where he’ll make the DB reach for air, but also times where the DB overpowers him. I’d like to see him become more consistent with his releases. We also didn’t see him make a lot of contested grabs, but he does a nice job drawing pass interference. He has extremely soft hands and a thicker build. He may struggle initially versus extremely physical corners, but when he improves his release package he’ll be on another level. He is best versus soft press and off-man coverage. He has also been putting in tremendous work behind the scenes in the pre-draft process. Aiyuk can be a number one wide out at the next level.

Where He Should Get Drafted: Top 30

Where He Will Get Drafted: Picks 25-32

Grading Scale:

Separation: B

Route Running: A-

Releases/Ability to get off Press: C

Speed: B+

Catch in traffic: D

Yards after the Catch: A+

Hands: A

Versatility: A-

Aiyuk will have times where he struggles against contact (early to mid route). But when he has room to work, he is deadly. His body control and understanding of routes will help him at the next level. He doesn't have that Henry Ruggs type of track speed, but he certainly has speed after the catch and can make players miss. Like I said previously, I never saw Aiyuk make an insane catch in traffic, but he does an amazing job at drawing pass interference calls. This is something that he'll get better at in the NFL, because of how athletic he is. The best part of his game comes after the catch. You could put a crown on him, he's that damn good. He'll also have games where he'll completely take over (vs Oregon, Washington State, Oregon State, Kentucky State, and Colorado). His hands are natural and will be used in different ways on offense and as a return man on kickoffs.

Team Fits: Ravens, 49ers, Ravens

Pro Comparison: Cooper Kupp

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