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Bold Predictions For Week 9

Adam Thielen Shows Everyone Who's The Best

Adam Thielen has been tremendously consistent throughout this 2018 season... so consistent that he hasn't had a game under 100 receiving yards. While Thielen has been a player you can lean on throughout the entire season, he hasn't had "THAT GAME"... until today. I believe Adam Thielen will ball out. I think he will be the best, against the best (Darius Slay). The Lions have been playing very well lately, but I think they will get torn apart versus this Vikings Offense. There is a ton of pressure with this Minnesota Vikings team, and I think they are going to catch their stride. I am ready for Adam Thielen to ball out today.

Adrian Peterson Goes Back to 2013

Adrian Peterson has defied all odds, all season. I think that continues today. I would be lying if I said Adrian Peterson hasn't impressed me this season, he provides reliable legs that you can lean on when in need. He had a game sealing touchdown last week, and I think he will have multiple touchdowns today. Adrian Peterson is revitalized and I think he will go for over 150 rushing yards and two touchdowns. AP will look like an all-pro today. The Falcons defense will be surprised today, I think they will be in "AW". This man is a legend.

We see a classic Ravens vs Steelers Game

Today, I think we are going to see an "Instant Classic". The Ravens vs Steelers is the greatest rivalry in football and today we are going to see why. I think James Conner gets heavily involved, and Antonio Brown does his thing. AB is averaging a touchdown a game, and I wouldn't be surprised if he got an other one today. On the other side, I believe we see Michael Crabtree get involved and John Brown get a touchdown of over 45 yards. I think this Steelers offense is out of the world, but the Ravens defense and special teams are arguably the two best units in football. I am not going to say who's going to win, but I think two players who will come up clutch are Antonio Brown and Terrell Suggs... also keep your eyes out for TJ Watt.

We See The Battle of the Future

In college we saw it all, the touchdowns, the yards, and the insane plays. We saw plays that we will remember for years on end. Once again, Baker Mayfield has a chip on his shoulder. Both his offensive coordinator and his head coach have been fired. Everyone is doubting the Browns right now... They have no chance to beat the red hot chiefs, or do they. All I'm saying is, don't be surprised if we see Baker Mayfield become a man today. Don't even get me started on Patrick Mahomes. He has proved everybody wrong and he will be sensational today. These two quarterbacks are spectacular, and we will see that today.

One word... GOAT

Today, we will truly see the battle of the greats. I think we will receive everything we are expecting to. It will be hard to sit down while watching this game. I think Aaron Rodgers is going to utilize the two biggest playmakers he has, Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham. I think he will get the ball in their hands. I also expect Aaron Rodgers to be very mobile this week. For Tom Brady, he is going to do his thing. I expect Aaron Jones and James White to have big games today as well. The player I am most intrigued about today has to be Josh Gordon. If Gordon gets the targets, he will have the ball in his hands. If I am Tom Brady that is exactly what I want. This game will be one to remember.

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