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Predictions for NFL Week 2

Chiefs @ Steelers

The two key players to watch in this game are Patrick Mahomes and Antonio Brown. I think one of these players will win this game single handedly. If it was up to me, I'd trust Antonio Brown. AB is one of the best receivers to play the game and he owns the Chiefs. I think he is capable of putting up historical numbers today especially without Marcus Peters guarding him. The Steelers also have James Conner who showed that he can be an every down back last week. Patrick Mahomes is a BALLER, and last week he showed it. He balled out versus the Chargers last week and now he is facing a defense that struggled against the Browns. I think the Chiefs can win this game if Tyreek Hill returns one to the house. This is my game of the day!

Final Prediction
Chiefs 24 Steelers 28
Dolphins @ Jets

Before we get to Sam Darnold, let's talk about the Miami Dolphins. They played the longest game in NFL history and defeated the Titans. I was impressed with how Kenny Stills played, but they still need some players to step up. The Dolphins were 2/10 on third down and didn't get the job done up front. Last week, Miami was held to 0 sacks by the Titans. If Miami wants to win this game, they NEED to get pressure on the Jets rookie quarterback. Sam Darnold impressed me last week, he looked like a season veteran and wasn't phased after throwing that first interception. I think he will be in New York for a long time and will be part of their franchise. I love how much he spreads the ball around, he got the ball out quick and into his receivers hands. I think Quincy Enunwa will have a big week and turn into Darnold's favorite receiver.

Final Prediction
Dolphins 16 Jets 27
Eagles @ Buccaneers

The key player that will decide this game is Nick Foles. Will we see the one who is throwing the ball 50 yards down field, or the one who gets 7 yards on 3rd and 8. Nick Foles plays best when he isn't scared to launch the ball. If Nick Foles doesn't play scared I think he will light the Bucs up. If Fitzmagic plays like how he played last week, this game is over... But I don't see it going that way. The Eagles defense is the best in the league and I think they'll get a ton of pressure on him. I am curious to see how Desean Jackson plays in his revenge game. He always seems to ball out against the Eagles. If the Buccaneers want to win this game, they need shutdown the deep ball for Nick Foles, get DeSean Jackson heavily involved, and use Mike Evans in the redzone.

Final Prediction
Eagles 23 Buccaneers 14
Browns @ Saints

Last week the Browns and the Saints both surprised the world, the Browns didn't lose and the Saints didn't win. I think Jarvis Landry will have a DAY today. He is back in his hometown and I think he is going to show out. This is his city and he will put on a show. For the Saints, I love how they didn't over use Alvin Kamara. The matchup I'm watching is Denzel Ward against Michael Thomas. This is an amazing matchup. Denzel Ward is a baller and he showed it last week against the Steelers. I think offensive game plan plays a huge role for both the Saints and the Browns. I want to see David Njoku get more involved in the passing game this week as well as the Saints number two receivers. This game will be filled with headlines and exciting plays!

Final Prediction
Browns 23 Saints 31
Colts @ Redskins

I am one of Andrew Luck's biggest fans, but he doesn't have a lot around him. If the Colts want to win, TY needs to have a day! I think if they use TY in the slot and he should do well against a Redskins defense without Kendall Fuller. I think the Colts defense needs to step up and stop the run game in DC. I think Alex Smith is going to ball out, I can't see the Colts stopping Chris Thompson in the pass game or Jordan Reed in the red zone. I think the Colts will win if they let Andrew Luck loose. They are going to try to run the ball, but if they can't get it going just let Luck sling it. I like the Redskins defense in this matchup. I expect their D-Line to have a big day and own this game.

Final Prediction
Colts 17 Redskins 27
Chargers @ Bills

The rookie versus the vet. Phillip Rivers versus Josh Allen. This game has a ton of implications. If Phillip can get the Chargers in a groove, they are unstoppable. I think the Chargers will get Melvin Gordon going today and this game can be over quickly. The Bills straight up need to play better. Offense, defense, and special teams. Hopefully Josh Allen can give the Bills that spark. I think it's important that Allen gets the ball out of his hands fast. LeSean McCoy needs to step up, he is the veteran and will help Allen a ton. Josh Allen looked good over the offseason, but this is his time to shine and upset the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers DB's may have a big day...

Final Prediction
Chargers 27 Bills 10
Vikings @ Packers

The Vikings are arguably the best team in the NFL and Aaron Rodgers is no doubt the best quarterback in the NFL. I think the Vikings have a lot going for them and this game will have a big role on how the NFC North plays out. I think Harrison Smith is the best defensive player in the NFL and if he can get some designed blitzes in, I think he can give Rodgers a difficult time. I think Rodgers will be getting the ball out of his hands fast and get his playmakers the ball. Expect Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen to ball out this week. I also expect Latavius Murray to have a big game. I am not confident in the Packers defense and I think the Vikings will pull out with a victory.

Final Prediction
Vikings 24 Packers 23
Panthers @ Falcons

This game is all about the running game in my opinion. It is Christian McCaffrey vs Tevin Coleman. These are two of the brightest young stars in the NFL and the future of the tailback position. This game's play calling is very important especially with the Falcons. The Falcons struggle in the redzone and the Panthers struggle with moving the ball consistently. This game is going to be a hard fought game and if the Falcons can get Julio going, they will win this football game. Everybody knows I am a huge Christian McCaffrey fan, and I'm not picking against him! CMC will B-A-L-L!

Final Prediction
Panthers 22 Falcons 17
Texans @ Titans

These are two teams who heavily disappointed last week, but I think one of these teams will get it together. That team is the Houston Texans. I don't like what's going on in Tennessee so that's why I'm picking Deshaun Watson. One thing that I did like in Tennessee was Dion Lewis. I think they're going to involve him a lot today, but we don't know who will be throwing him the ball. If Blaine Gabbert starts this game, I can't see the Titans winning it. I believe Will Fuller is going to have a big game today and Deshaun Watson will be airing it out!

Final Prediction
Texans 27 Titans 16
Cardinals @ Rams

The Cardinals and the Rams have the best two best running backs in the NFL, David Johnson and Todd Gurley. I think we see Josh Rosen make his NFL debut today after the Rams defense give Sam Bradford a hard time. I like David Johnson in this game and think he will produce more points for your fantasy teams. I also think Fitz will tear it up in the slot. For the Rams, I expect Brandin Cooks to catch a deep ball or two today. I think this will be a suprisingly high scoring game but the Rams end up with the victory. I think Aaron Donald will show why he is the best defensive player in the game and Aqib Talib to show that he can still run. 

Final Prediction
Cardinals 27 Rams 33
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