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Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma

The Rating System

Accuracy 3.25/5

Arm Strength 4/5

Mobility 4.25/5

In-the-pocket 2.75/5

Throw on the Run 3.75/5

Progressions 3.5/5

Presence 4.5/5

Against Pressure 4.5/5

Decision Making 2.95/5

Like a pro 3/5

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 2/5

Overall 3.49/5 (Starter)

Over View

Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield brings that Johnny Manziel type of feel to the game of football. He is capable of making plays that just don’t seem possible. He has tremendous arm strength and is a mobile threat. He is also spectacular with throwing on the run. Although he is a great athlete he’s not the best prospect. He has way too many off-field issues which will cause him to fall in the draft. He is a competitor but needs to keep his competitiveness on the field. He doesn’t run a pro style offense but with the NFL adapting I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. Where he struggles most, on the field, is when he’s in the pocket. I don’t know how he’s going to adapt to this because of his height but you can also compare him to Russell Wilson in some aspects on the field. If I was a General Manager I would most likely pass on him because of his off-field issues and his inability to be a pocket passer but he has a ton of talent. I think his talent is 2nd round worthy but with all the hype I think he will be picked on day 1. In my opinion, he would be the most successful if he were to end up with a really experienced, no-nonsense head coach like Sean Payton where he can backup one of the most humble quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Brees can also help him with throwing in the pocket while being a shorter quarterback. Baker has a ton of talent but needs to fix some things before becoming an NFL quarterback.

Comparison: Russell Wilson

The easiest comparison to Baker Mayfield for me has to be Johnny Manziel, but we've seen guys like Dak Prescott have off the field issues in college and turn it around in the NFL. So on the field I'm going to say he's more like Russell Wilson. They are two undersized quarterbacks who are best on the run and are extremely athletic. Similar to Wilson, Baker Mayfield is capable of making highlight reel type plays that don't seem possible, but the difference between Wilson and Mayfield is that Mayfield struggles in the pocket. Wilson is a competitor similar to Mayfield and hopefully Mayfield can show that in the interviews instead of people saying he's has no control himself.  As Mayfield looks to change his narrative he is going to attempt to silence when he gets to the NFL.

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