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AJ Dillon Draft Profile

Draft Profile

AJ Dillon is my favorite sleeper RB in this draft. Dillon is hands down the most physical running back in the draft and it’s fun to watch him run through defenders. His yards after contact is insane and he has the most powerful play strength in the draft. Dillon loves contact and has solid vision, but there are definitely some cons to his game. I think he has really good lateral speed, but I’m not quite sure if he has that second gear speed. Dillon also only had 21 receptions in his college career, but I associate that with the offense he was in. Dillon is tall for a RB (6’0), but he runs too high too often. While he won’t necessarily juke a defender out of their shoes, he will run them over. There is no DB in college football that can take him down in open space and his stiff arm is ridiculous. AJ Dillon was in the top 5 for most bench press reps by a running back and jumped higher and further than any other running back. While he didn't make a huge impact at Boston College as a receiver, he is one of the best blockers in the draft. If Dillon can get quicker and develop as a receiver, he has the potential to be a franchise back.

Where He Should Go: Early Third Round

Where He Will Go: Late Third Round- Early 4th Round

Rating System:

Contact Balance: 10/10

Play Speed/Burst: 6/10

Change of Direction: 7.5/10

Receiving ability: 4/10

Pass Protection: 10/10

Elusiveness: 6.5/10

Athleticism: 9/10

Patience: 8/10

Yards per carry: 5.3

AJ Dillon is the best pure power back in the draft. He doesn't have the quickness/ elusiveness that you want out of your starting running back, but if he can shed some weight, that will all come. His strength is unmatched and he's so good at running through contact. He is most likely the best blocker in the class and his yards per carry is genuine (didn't come all on one long run). Dillon is being underrated in this draft and can be actually a very good back. I compare him to Leonard Fournette with more athleticism, but not as much speed. Dillon has great power and I think he'll start as mainly a short distance RB. If Dillon ends up in the ideal spot, he can be a number one back without a doubt.

Team Fits: Dolphins, Saints, Ravens

Pro Comparison: Leonard Fournette

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