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Aidan Hutchinson Draft Profile

Aidan Hutchinson
Scouting Report

Every year it seems as if people just get tired of talking about one certain prospect because it feels like they are a lock to be the number one pick. Last year, that is how it was with Trevor Lawrence, the year before that it was Joe Burrow, then Kyler Murray, and so on. This year, it seems like people are tired of talking about Aidan Hutchinson because it seems as if his name has been penciled in for the number one pick since the Jaguars sured-up their offensive line in free agency. While there have been murmurs that Georgia's defensive end, Travon Walker, could have surpassed Hutchinson on the Jaguars draft board, I still anticipate Hutchinson going number one overall. Hutchinson is an elite prospect in a weaker draft, and while I don’t think he is on the same level as Nick Bosa, Myles Garrett, or Jadeveon Clowney coming out, I still believe he is worthy of the first overall pick in this year’s draft.


Aidan Hutchinson is the player that offensive coordinators draw a big red circle around when watching film with their players. He has the capability of taking over games and wrecking offensive game plans. It is hard to find a defensive end who uses their hands better than Hutchinson does in this year’s draft. He sets up most of his rushes with speed moves to get to the outside on offensive tackles. Hutchinson will either use his hands to rip through or swim past the offensive tackle or he’ll euro-step and use power to get to the inside. While he played alongside David Ojabo, one of the bendiest/most athletic defensive linemen in this year’s draft, Hutchinson was always the first one off the ball. When rushing the passer, Hutchinson is already past the line before most offensive tackles make their first kick step. The most effective pass rush move in Hutchinson’s package is where he starts with a speed rush to get the tackle to open up then he euro steps to the tackle’s inside and swipes his inside hand off of him. While Hutchinson is best coming out of a two-point stance as a nine-tech, he can also kick further inside and line up in a three or four-point stance as a four or five tech. When Hutchinson isn’t winning his rep, he is smart enough to get his hands up to disrupt the quarterback’s passing lane. We have also seen on multiple occasions where Hutchinson calls out offensive plays before they happen. While you might not be able to tell just by looking at him, Hutchinson does have some freak athleticism. At the combine, Hutchinson’s 20-yard shuttle and 3-cone drill finished in the top-six out of every player in Indianapolis. Hutchinson is one of the best players in this year’s draft and is a dog who gets his teammates amped up during the game.


While Hutchinson is a phenomenal speed rusher that utilizes his hands better than any defensive end in the draft, the length of his arms could terrify a team. Even though Hutchinson does a great job with his swipes, there are times when defenders just stand him up because Hutchinson can’t reach the tackle’s body. Hutchinson also tends to have a false step at the start of his rushes. Against offensive tackles who are attackers and get to Hutchinson’s body before he can get to theirs, Hutchinson will get stood up. In the NFL, I don’t see Hutchinson being a 20-sack per-season type of player, but I do think he is going to be a stud. He’ll be a double-digit sack guy who single-handedly wins games for the Jaguars or whatever team drafts him.


If Hutchinson can eliminate his false step and make first contact, he will dominate the league in a similar manner to how he dominated in his final season with Michigan. I personally don’t think the Jaguars need another speed rusher on the other side of Josh Allen. While I think he’ll make whatever situation work, I would love to see him stay home in Detroit with the Lions or enter Robert Saleh’s system and play the “Bosa” role alongside Carl Lawson. Standing at 6’6, Hutchinson is a huge dude and a smart player. He’s like a mixture of Maxx Crosby and Demarcus Lawrence. I have a top-five grade on him, and I can’t see him falling past the Lions at number two overall.

Aidan Hutchinson
Aidan Hutchinson
Film Study

Strength + Power: 6.5/8

Speed: 7.5/8

Hands: 7.75/8

Athleticism: 6.5/7

Bend + Flexibility: 5.25/7

Run Defender: 5.75/7

Motor + Adaptability: 6/7

Quickness: 5.25/6

Pass Rush Moves: 5.5/6

Get Off: 5.75/6

Overall: 61.75/70

Final Rating: 88


Pro Comparison: Maxx Crosby + Demarcus Lawrence

Team Fits: Lions, Jets, Texans

Draft Ranking: Top 5 player

Draft Projection: Top 2 Pick

Maxx Crosby
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