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The 5 Most Freakish Athletes in the NFL

5: Danielle Hunter EDGE Vikings
If I'm an offensive lineman and I have to go up against Danielle Hunter on Sunday, I am not sleeping that entire week. He has the size and wingspan of a Small Forward. At the offensive tackle position you have to get hands on him early. If you let him get any type of leverage on you, it's over. The past two seasons he's learned to capitalize on his athleticism; he's had 21.5 sacks. The thing about Hunter is he's also insanely fast. He ran a 4.57 coming out of LSU in 2015; I think if he were to run a 40 yard dash right now, he'd get in the 4.4s easily. Hunter is also a hard worker. From day one he's been eager to learn from Everson Griffen, and now is just as big of a threat as Griffen. This exterior pass rush of the Vikings is lethal, and Hunter is a big reason why.

3: Byron Jones CB Cowboys

Byron Jones is the most underrated athlete. The fact that he literally broke the world record for standing broad jump. He jumped 12 feet and 3 inches without a running start. SHEEESH, that's athletic. Byron Jones switched from free safety to corner this past season, and had a breakout year. He was able to lockdown his receivers on a week-to-week basis and is getting ready for a big pay day. Jones is now being recognized as a top 10 corner in the league and is looking to help the Cowboys make a super bowl run. Byron Jones is an athletic freak and is going to make the case to be an all-pro this season. 

4: Julio Jones WR Falcons

Julio Jones looks like he was made in the lab. He has everything you want in a receiver: size, strength, speed, and coordination. When ever you ask corners about the hardest receiver to guard one on one, Jones is always the first person on the list. He's extremely consistent on the field and despite having low red zone numbers, he still is the biggest threat any where he lines up. Jones' speed separates him from just any 6'4 receiver. He has olympic track speed and can break away from any defender. He can't just run any route, he makes routes; he's that damn good. Jones is the batman of wide receivers and without a doubt has to be on this list.


2: Saquon Barkley RB Giants

If you could make the most perfect running back body, you would use Saquon Barkley. His lower body strength is ridiculous. It's body builder-esq. He is also extremely fast, he ran a 4.41 second 40 yard dash at the combine and makes ridiculously athletic plays every week. He is a monster. Saquon makes play after play that leaves you with your jaw dropped. He's either going through you, around you, or over you. Saquon is a once in a generation type of player and by the end of his career he could possibly be the best running back to ever play.

1: Myles Garrett DE Browns
While most people have Saquon Barkley at number one, I just think Myles Garrett's athleticism is unprecedented at the defensive end position. He has muscles on muscles and is lightning quick off the line. He has bend, straight up. He's nearly impossible to block for offensive lineman and could probably play tight end if he needed to. My favorite part about Myles Garrett is his personality, most of the time super freak athletes are all so football oriented. Garrett has other passions like poetry and soul music. He is the perfect defensive end and is the most athletic player in the NFL.
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