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2020 NFL Honors Predictions

Patrick Mahomes QB Chiefs

I'm writing this a day after the Chiefs just smashed the Texans into the ground. He's coming off of a 3 touchdown performance. Mahomes was my pick for MVP before the season started. I know it's a safe pick, but this man is on top of the world right now. In the past 7 or so months: he won superbowl MVP, signed the richest deal in sports history, and got engaged with his high school sweetheart. His confidence has to be on another level and it's contagious. He has a guy who I will be a top 5 running back by the end of the year. He has two top ten receiving threats with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. His offensive line is good, but to be honest... Mahomes is just a living legend. He's just so damn good. The fact that Mahomes can still get better scares me. I see another MVP season for number 15 as he's racking up the awards and cementing his legacy.

Runner Up: Kyler Murray

Dak Prescott QB Cowboys

It doesn't happen often, but I'm very high on the Cowboys this year. Not because I believe in Mike McCarthy, not because I believe in Jerry Jones, but because I believe in Dak Prescott. He gets so much hate every year, but I think he's going to be so good this year. For the first time since Prescott's rookie year, his team is MUCH better than the Eagles. He doesn't have a lot of in-division competition and this offense is going to be electric. The one thing that worries me is Travis Frederick retiring. The relationship between a quarterback and center is vital. Other than that, I think the Cowboys are going to be a deadly team in 2020. CeeDee Lamb looks like he's going to step in from day one, Amari Cooper just got paid, Michael Gallup is flying under the radar, Zeke is still a top 5 running back, and Blake Jarwin is going to be sneaky good this year. I see Dak having a huge year and winning offensive player of the year.

Runner Up: Derrick Henry

Fred Warner LB 49ers

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a huge 49er fan. I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible, but I just can't see him not having a huge year. Fred Warner is such a beast and brings a ton of energy to each game. Him and the 49ers linebacker group AKA the Hot Boyzzz are going to be even better in 2020. Warner is instinctual and he got better as the season went on. The game should looks like it's slowed down a lot for him. He understands what the opposing offense wants to do. He watches film and he's going into his third year. I'm a big believer in Fred Warner this year. 

Runner Up: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Fred Warner
Justin Jefferson WR Vikings

Justin Jefferson was my favorite player in the draft this year and he's going to be electric. I think he's a mixture between Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen and Gary Kubiak has a huge role for him. Once the season is completely over, I see Jefferson as the WR1 for Minnesota. He's going to bring energy to this Vikings offense and he's going to make this offense "fun". I think every team needs a guy who brings a smile to the viewers and you just want to see him succeed. His energy is similar to JuJu Smith, but his talents are much different. He's going to be a lot like Odell Beckham. He's an explosive route runner and a monster against tight coverage. Coming out of the draft, my favorite part of him was his "lean". He is just a slippery player who runs routes like an Allen Iverson crossover. Justin Jefferson is going to be a baller from the jump. 

Runner Up: Joe Burrow

Justin Jefferson.jpg
Patrick Queen LB Ravens

Patrick Queen was one of my favorite players in the entire draft and he landed in the perfect spot. There are a few teams that have traits that they love to draft, and the Ravens are one of those teams. Patrick Queen is the prototypical Raven and I see him having an amazing career in Baltimore. When I'd watch LSU defensive film last season, he was the player that stood out. That defense had so many pieces last year, but Queen is the one who stood out. He was always around the ball and making plays. He's instinctual, he's fast, and he's a leader. He is also surrounded with talent. I think he'll be a product of his environment, just like Nick Bosa who was DROY last season. There are so many hitters in Baltimore and I expect to see Queen flying around. Patrick Queen is my pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Runner Up: Chase Young

Patrick Queen.jpg
Comeback Player of the Year
Myles Garrett DE Browns

Myles Garrett is a dog. He is someone that I want on my side 10/10 times and the opposing offensive coordinators nightmare. He was a candidate for defensive player of the year last year before his suspension, and he's had a lot of time to perfect his craft. While what he did was extremely dirty, he's had a lot of time to reflect. He's had time to get in touch with his spiritual side and he's a better person now than he was back then. Myles Garrett is going to be on a revenge tour. He's going to be even better and will be the best chance the Ravens have to stopping Lamar Jackson. Myles Garrett is a monster on the football field and should have a monster comeback season.

Runner Up: Matthew Stafford

Myles Garrett.jpg
Coach of the Year
Frank Reich HC Colts

Frank Reich is the most under appreciated head coach in the NFL and he's so good at what he does. Reich understands analytics and is extremely decisive. If he can lead this under the radar Colts team to the playoffs, that should be enough to cement him as coach of the year. This is the best offensive line Philip Rivers has ever played with and this team is going the opposite direction from the rest of the NFL. This team wants to ground and pound you. They want to run the ball down your throat with Marlon Mack and Jonathan Taylor. The two coaches who did that last year were Kyle Shanahan and Jon Harbaugh, the top two candidates for coach of the year. Quenton Nelson is going to be the personality of this team. He has that Beastmode mentality where he'll run through your face. The Colts are a sneaky playoff contender and if they can clinch a spot, Reich should win Coach of the Year.

Runner Up: Mike McCarthy

Frank Reich
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