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2020 First Round Draft Grades

Bengals A+

The Bengals get an A+ simple as that. Joe Burrow is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever enter the draft. We all knew he was going number one, and the Bengals just put a ring on it. My expectations for Burrow in year one are high. He's got great weapons to throw to, I just need to see Cincinnati give him some protection. This was a phenomenal pick by the Bengals here. Team Needs: OL and TE

Redskins A+

The Redskins did not overthink this. Chase Young is one of those gold jacket guys in this draft. His talent is absurd and he looks exactly like his nickname, "the predator". The Redskins are quietly putting together one of the best front sevens in the NFL. With Young and Sweat on each edge, Jonathan Allen and Da'Ron Payne clogging up the middle, and of course the veteran Ryan Kerrigan. Reuben Foster is coming back and they added Thomas Davis this offseason. The Redskins are going to have an insane defense this year. Team Needs: WR and OL

Lions A+

Jeff Okudah is my highest rated corner to ever come out of the draft. Okudah is going to be a leader as soon as he gets into Detroit's locker room. Okudah is an alpha and fits the Patriots'/Matt Patricia system. This was the right move for Detroit and they are filling a huge hole. Team Needs: DE and OT

Giants B

We all know that the Giants needed an offensive lineman, but they got number four offensive lineman in this draft. I thought they would go with Jedrick Wills, but they went with Andrew Thomas. The one thing with Thomas is that he's consistent. The Giants need stability on their offensive line and that is what they are getting. This is a really solid pick, not the most flashy, but a good job by Dave Gettleman here. Team Needs: WR, LB, FS

Dolphins C

Tua Tagovailoa is one of my favorite players in this entire draft. That pick gets an A+, but I don't like everything else they did. I believe Austin Jackson was over-drafted due to his position. I had a mid second round grade on Jackson and I felt like the Dolphins could have at least traded back and got him. I preferred Josh Jones over Jackson, but at least they were able to get Tua some protection. I also felt as if they reached on Noah Igbinoghene. They just signed Byron Jones for a whole lot of money and they still have Xavien Howard. If I was Miami, I would have gone Tua, Jones, then McKinney. The Dolphins have a lot of defensive talent, but I feel like they're missing that alpha. McKinney is a player they should target on day 2. Team Needs: FS, SS, WR, RB, OL
Chargers B+

The Chargers get a B+ because I they were able to get two players that both have pro bowl potential. The Justin Herbert pick gets a B, I would've liked to see them come up and go after Tua, but if they fell in love with Herbert, you have to commend them for being able to stay put and get their guy. He was my fourth rated quarterback in the draft, but if he was higher on Tom Telesco's board that's a total win for them. They have a quarterback with a huge arm who will air the ball out. I'm expecting a ton of Mike Williams and Keenan Allen deep balls this year. I expect Herbert to be starting by week 10. The Kenneth Murray pick is an A+ for me. I'm confident that he is going to be a star in this league. Murray is an alpha on the second level of that defense. This defense is ridiculous. Joey Bosa, Linval Joseph, and Melvin Ingram on the line, Tranquil and Murray at linebacker, and they have Chris Harris, Casey Hayward, Desmond King, and Derwin James in the secondary. Team Needs: RB, WR, RT

Panthers A

Derrick Brown is a defensive force and I'm confident he'll be a pro bowl player by year two. He's a disruptor and will be a force on the defensive line. He'll take a lot of attention away from Brian Burns on the edge. Personally, I would have drafted Isaiah Simmons with this pick. They need a player who can replace Luke Kuechly and Simmons would have made a lot of sense. That being said it was really pick your poison. Derrick Brown is going to be an all-pro player. This was a great pick and they can get a linebacker on day two. Team Needs: SS, LB, TE


Cardinals A

Some how Isaiah Simmons fell perfectly into the Cardinals lap. Isaiah Simmons was the best player available and Arizona couldn't pass that up. The Cardinals are in a division with two offenses that use a ton of pre-snap movement and Russell Wilson. Isaiah Simmons is the perfect counter to that. Simmons is a true unicorn in the fact that he can be used everywhere. I felt like Tristan Wirfs fit their scheme perfectly and they need to protect Kyler Murray. Simmons is going to be an all-pro player, but Murray still won't have any time to throw the ball. The Cardinals need to add protection. Team Needs: T, G, DE


Jaguars B+


The Jaguars are going back to their ways. They didn't have this insane offense when they were in the AFC Championship game, they were built on defense. The Jags have a lot of holes, but they are focused on rebuilding. CJ Henderson was a great pick here. He was the best corner available and he was extremely impressive on tape. I love his fluidity and now he's their new AJ Bouye. K'Lavon Chaisson wasn't supposed to be their at 20, but he fell perfectly into their lap. The Chaisson and Allen combination is lethal. The Jags have a lot of holes on their team, but they had a really good day one of the draft. If Fournette and Ngakoue get traded, they are going to have even more holes to fill. Team Needs: WR, RB, DE, QB, ILB, FS


Browns A+


Somehow the Browns didn't trade up and still got the best offensive lineman in this draft. Even though Wills played right tackle at Alabama, he gives them flexibility to move him to the left side. Wills plays with a nasty streak and the Browns are now set offensively. They have a great offensive line, two great running backs, an all-pro receiving core, two great tight ends, and Baker Mayfield. This was the perfect situation for Cleveland. Team Needs: LB, FS, SS

Jets A+

I love Mekhi Becton and he fits perfectly into what the Jets want to do. Mekhi Becton is massive and is dominant in the run game. He can absolutely take the soul from defensive lineman and provide pancakes on the weekly basis. Le'Veon Bell did not look like himself last year, he needs a good offensive line to play in his way. With Becton, we'll be able to see Bell's patience once again. Becton is an amazing player and a perfect fit. That's why the Jets get an A+ grade for this pick. Team Needs: WR, DE, CB

Raiders C-

We already knew the positions the Raiders were going to target, but I wasn't pleased with their choices. I see what they were thinking with Ruggs, but I feel as if Arnette was a reach. Jon Gruden has to play Tyreek Hill twice a year and now he gets his own version of him. That being said, I felt like the Raiders should have drafted CeeDee Lamb. I see Ruggs being more of a complimentary piece while CeeDee, Jefferson, and Jeudy or closer to number ones. I'd give that pick alone, a B. Ruggs was definitely Gruden's pick while I see Arnette being closer to a Mayock pick. Arnette was projected as a day two guy and I feel the Raiders could have at least traded back and got him. I'm not a fan of what the Raiders did here. Team Needs: DT, LB, WR

Buccaneers A

Wirfs is my number three lineman in this draft and the Buccaneers got him at thirteen. I didn't think they needed to trade up for him, but if he's your guy you have to go get him. Wirfs is freakishly explosive and athletic, and he's going to have to protect Brady for the rest of his career. This was the best realistic option for Tampa Bay. Wirfs is versatile and this was a great pick. Team Needs: RB, CB, S

49ers A-

The 49ers filled needs and got the best players available at those positions. I would have flipped the order of those positions, but there is no front office I trust more. Shanahan is a wizard at picking out receivers in the draft while John Lynch is amazing at drafting defensive lineman. Shanahan said that Aiyuk was his number one receiver in the draft so to get him at 25 is great value. Kinlaw was was the best defensive lineman available and he's going to fill in the void that Buckner left. Buckner's contract over the next 5 years is worth 84 million, while Kinlaw's will be less than 20 million. The 49ers are restoring their defensive line and now have Kinlaw, Bosa, Armstead, Ford, Jones, and Thomas. Aiyuk fits perfectly into what the 49ers want to do and that pick is definitely worth an A+ grade. Team Needs: CB and IOL

Broncos A+

Jerry Jeudy was my number two receiver in this drafted and I bet you he was the Broncos number one receiver. He fits Denver's Shanahan system, and the Broncos didn't have to trade up and grab him. I'm one of Courtland Sutton's biggest fans, and he gets his number two. I love how the Broncos are building around Drew Lock and I see the Broncos being the surprise team this season. Team Needs: OL and ILB

Falcons C

The Falcons have a lot of holes on their roster and I feel like they reached for a position of need. I believe they should have gone best player available or be aggressive in trying to get CJ Henderson. AJ Terrell got roasted by Ja'Marr Chase and he's now in a division with Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and DJ Moore. The Falcons could have gone with K'Lavon Chaisson or if they were going to draft a corner, Jeff Gladney. The Falcons have a lot of holes to still fill on day two and day three. Team Needs: OL, DE, LB

Cowboys A+

The Cowboys had the best pick of the first round. Somehow CeeDee Lamb fell right into their lap. Lamb is a top three receiver in the draft and he has number one potential. The Cowboys have a top 3 receiving core in the NFL now and Dak Prescott is going to be on another level this year. CeeDee Lamb and Amari will play the X and Z receivers with Gallup in the slot. Not to mention you have one of the best running backs in football and an offensive line that is still very good. The Cowboys look like NFC East favorites next year. Team Needs: C, CB, TE

Eagles F

The Eagles had everything set up for them, they desperately needed a guy who can stretch the field, who has reliable hands, and can bring a spark of energy to their locker room. The guy I'm describing is Justin Jefferson. Unfortunately, Howie started thinking too much. Instead of picking Justin Jefferson, my number one receiver in this draft, they picked Jalen Reagor. Reagor is my number 14 receiver in the draft. The big thing Reagor brings is speed, that being said Justin Jefferson ran a faster 40 yard dash than Reagor. I have no clue what the Eagles were thinking here, but at least they picked the right position. Team Needs: CB, S, LB, WR

Vikings A+

If I was an NFL general manager, I would draft like the Vikings did. The Vikings got my number one receiver and my number three corner in the draft. Jeff Gladney is an extremely talented corner and is a very feisty player. One of my favorite DB's in the draft. Minnesota really needed a corner and they got the best one available at 31 overall. At 23, they got my favorite player in this draft. Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen are going to be one of the best receiver duos in the NFL. Team Needs: DE , WR, and CB.

Saints B

The Saints don't have any huge need so they're adding offensive line depth. It's a smart move and they got their best player available. I would have gone Yetur Gross-Matos or Patrick Queen, but it's a smart move. Cesar Ruiz isn't the flashiest player, but it was a solid move for the Saints. I expect New Orleans to make a super bowl run this year. Team Needs:  None
Packers B-

Jordan Love was my fifth rated quarterback in this draft, but he is going to move up the ratings list after getting drafted by the Packers. I'm willing to bet that Aaron Rodgers will be more open to grooming Love than the media thinks. I wouldn't be surprised if Love develops into becoming a really good quarterback, but if I'm the Packers I have to be in win now mode. Rodgers' window is closing so they need to capitalize. They need a defender that can help them stop the run, a number two receiver, and a tight end. I would have waited at least an other year to draft a quarterback. Team Needs: ILB, WR, TE, DE

Seahawks F

I had a late second round grade on Jordyn Brooks and this is just a reach in my opinion. John Schneider struggles with early round draft picks and once again he reached on a defensive player. The thought process here has to be that they need an athletic linebacker who can contain George Kittle. They just took him too early. If anything, they should have traded back and grabbed more picks for day two. Team Needs: Pass Rushers and Defensive Tackles

Ravens A+

The Ravens filled their biggest hole with a fantastic player. Patrick Queen was one of my favorite defenders in the draft. He stood out on tape and he's always near the ball. He has amazing instincts and is going to be the next great linebacker in the Ravens rich history. Lamar Jackson called him the next Ray Lewis, I'm not ready to call him that yet, but I'm willing to bet that he will be the steal of round one. This was an amazing pick by the Ravens. Needs: WR

Titans B

The Titans filled a need, but I had a second round grade on Isaiah Wilson. The Titans offensive line might be the best in the NFL and Isaiah Wilson is a powerful, powerful dude. Isaiah Wilson is a massive dude and played for one of the best offensive lines in college football. Wilson is a great run blocker and this is a solid pick. He's going to be playing on the other side of Taylor Lewan (shoutout to the boy) and will be taking over for Jack Conklin. Team Needs: CB

Chiefs A+

This might be my favorite pick of the first round. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is one of "my guys". He is a great pass catcher and is a shifty runner. His low center of gravity helps him bounce off tackles and his jump cuts are out of this world. He is the guy that Patrick Mahomes wanted and he will be Andy Reid's Brian Westbrook. His ability to catch the ball out of the back field will let him be Patrick Mahome's Kareem Hunt. This was one fo my favorite players in the draft and is also my favorite pick in the first round. Team Needs: CB and LB
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