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Le'Veon Bell and James Conner End the Season as Top 5 Running Backs

This is one of those articles where I just have to go with my gut. This is what my gut is telling me. Le'Veon Bell is so juiced up and I feel like after 4 or 5 weeks he's just going to explode and go on a run of 150 yard games. Le'Veon is so damn good, and everybody forgot. His patience, speed, and power are uncanny. Before my football games I always watch highlights to get me hyped, Le'Veon is always the first name I pull up. Bell is one of my favorite running backs in the league and I think he will return to the form he was with the Steelers. Speaking of the Steelers, they also have a guy of their own playing running back. James Conner is one of the hardest runners in the NFL and he will get an even bigger load than he got last season. I also expect him to get busy in the receiving game. This man is so good with the ball in his hand and I think by the time this season is over, we are recognizing him as one of the best running backs in the NFL. 

49ers end the season with the number 1 running game in the NFL

This 49ers team wants to run the football and with Jimmy Garoppolo returning from injury teams won't be able to stack the box against them. Matt Breida is the most underrated running back in the NFL and is always good whenever he has the ball in his hands. Breida's combination of speed and patience is what makes him so good. He was the fastest player in the NFL last season and earned his nickname of "cheetah". The 49ers have the best fullback in the NFL, Kyle Juszczyk, and he opens up gaping wholes for players to run through. The 49ers also have Tevin Coleman and Rahim Mostert on the active roster, Jerick McKinnon on IR, and Jeffery Wilson on the practice squad. Tevin Coleman will be our third down back and get the majority of touches in the redzone. He'll lead the 49ers in rushing touchdowns while Breida will lead the Niners in rushing yards. This team has both depth and star power with the rushing game and will surprise the NFL.

5 Quarterbacks Throw for 40+ Touchdowns

Considering last season Patrick Mahomes was the only quarterback to throw more than 40 touchdowns (50), this prediction would be amazing. I think this year we are going to see teams really air the ball out. If I had to guess the players that make this prediction come to fruition I would guess: Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, and Phillip Rivers. Now I'm sure that we'll have one of a bigger surprise guy be in this category, but these are my guesses. I think that this will be the greatest season of football ever and it will all start with the quarterbacks. 

Darius Leonard has a Historic Season

Andrew Luck retired so the Colts are done right? Not so fast... They still have TY Hilton, Marlon Mack, Quenton Nelson, and the maniac... Darius Leonard. Darius Leonard is one of the best leaders in the NFL and I think he finishes the season with ground breaking numbers. He won't only lead the league in tackles but will have 10 sacks and 5 interceptions from the linebacker position. He brings a certain type of energy to the field and he will lead this Colts team. I think they do better than expected and it will partially be due to this guy. Last year he set rookie records, now I expect him to set NFL records. Leonard is one of the best linebackers to come into this league in a long, long time and I really believe he has an astronomical season in 2019.

Myles Garrett Puts Up 20+ Sacks

All offseason long this Browns team has had all the hype... But that's mostly because of their offense. Don't forget about this cyborg of a human being. He's literally if batman was an NFL player. His size and speed is just different. It's something we've never seen before. His get off is remarkable, offensive tackles just can't keep up with him. His game is just going to develop throughout the season and he's going to get better every game. I think he'll come out strong vs the Titans in week one and will keep it up week to week. Myles Garrett is going to be a beast this year and I see him getting really close to Michael Strahan's sack record.

BOLDEST Prediction
Julio Jones finishes with 2,000 Receiving Yards

The Falcons are one of my sleeper teams this year and I think it's because of Matt Ryan. Matty Ice and Julio Jones have a once in a generation type of connection and I think they have a career year this season. I love the fact that Dirk Koetter is their offensive coordinator again, and I think he's going to scheme up Julio to once again prove that he's the best receiver in the NFL. Julio got straight up PAID and will show everybody why starting at week one. The Falcons are going to be great this year and it will be because of Julio fricking Jones.

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