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Open Head Coach Job Break Downs

Cleveland Browns

The Browns have been one of the best teams in the NFL in the past two months. Ever since Greg Williams took over, this team has been different. Hue Jackson was not a good coach, it's as simple as that. Freddie Kitchens has been spectacular in calling plays and Baker started to get hot towards the end of the season. What the Browns need in a head coach is someone who is willing to let Baker loose, which is why I believe Williams should remain head coach with Freddie Kitchens at OC. The Browns also need a coach who will hold his players accountable for their actions. When a team loses, it's natural for the players to become selfish and "in their feelings". I don't think the Browns will be losing as much as the last decade, but if they start going down a bad path they need someone to set the team straight. This has never been a problem for Greg Williams. Williams will curse you out and make sure you're responsible for your actions. I think the Browns are one of the best young teams in the NFL and if they can get a coach that will allow Baker to cut it loose and hold his/her team accountable, they will be successful. 

Top 3 Candidates: Greg Williams, Freddie Kitchens, Lincoln Riley

New York Jets

The Jets have had their struggles in the past couple of years, it's safe to say that. They have a rookie quarterback who needs a lot of coaching. They need someone who knows how to coach a quarterback, it's that simple. I think the Jets should hire an offensive minded coach that has a past of training quarterbacks. Sam Darnold has the potential to be a franchise quarterback, but he needs to develop. Similar to how the Bears did it, I think that Darnold should be heavily involved in the coaching search. Chicago had both Mitchell Trubisky and Ryan Pace conduct the interviews. This led to the hiring of Matt Nagy who has forever changed there franchise. It's time for the Jets to go after the young offensive minded head coach. 

Top 3 Candidates: Adam Gase, Eric Bieniemy, Zac Taylor

Green Bay Packers

This is a tricky position to figure out, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. What makes it so difficult to figure out is Aaron Rodgers. It's hard to coach Aaron Rodgers, it's that simple. I think you can have two options; go after a defensive coordinator who is known for there leadership, or go after Josh McDaniels. If you take the defensive path you let Aaron Rodgers do his own thing. Rodgers is great, he could call plays on his own if he wanted to. I think if we hadn't seen Steve Wilks' debacle in Arizona he would be up for this job. I think if they went defense, Flores would be the guy. Brian Flores, the Patriots LB coach, is a perfect candidate for the job. He is one of those coaches that all the players will respect and listen to. Flores won't allow drama to occur in the Packers locker room, which would be very helpful. Flores is very passionate and has the fire in him. He could coach the Packers very well. Another option they have is to go after Josh McDaniels. McDaniels has worked directly with the goat, so you know Aaron Rodgers will listen. If the Packers go after offense, it can't be someone Rodgers thinks he's bigger than so that's why I think McDaniels is good. If I'm the Packers I'm going down the defensive path to avoid drama and so you can't limit Rodgers' ability.

Top 3 Candidates: Brian Flores, Josh McDaniels, Greg Williams

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have been an extremely mediocre franchise in the past few years. What they need is someone who can captivate the team, someone who can relate to the players. I thought Bruce Arians and Mike Vrabel both would fit this role, but Vrabel is doing well in Nashville and Arians is only considering Tampa and Cleveland. There is a lot of defensive talent on this roster from Minkah Fitzpatrick and Xavien Howard to Robert Quinn and that monster defensive line. I would think that Miami is leaning towards a defensive coach after having problems with Adam Gase and his young mind. To get out of mediocrity, the Dolphins need someone who firmly believes that they can beat the Patriots and make it to the Playoffs. They need a leader and someone who can slap there players into reality. Miami hasn't had a successful team in years and they need to get some more offensive power. The Silver linings for this Dolphins team has to be there depth at running back, they have two young electric backs with Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage, and two experienced veterans with Branden Bolden and Frank Gore. They also have two great pass rushers with Cameron Wake and Robert Quinn to go along with young linebackers Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker. They also have an up and coming secondary with Minkah Fitzpatrick, Reshad Jones, and Xavien Howard. There are some attractive qualities to this job, but they need a players coach.

Top 3 Candidates: Brian Flores, Vic Fangio, Vance Joseph

Cincinatti Bengals

If I am an assistant head coach, this is the job that is the most attractive to me (besides Cleveland). This team has a lot of young fire power. This team is filled with young talent on offense and defense. The Bengals have Joe Mixon, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, and Mark Walton all on offense. These are all extremely talented players that an offensive minded coach can do a lot with. The Bengals also have a lock down corner. William Jackson is the highest graded corner I've given a grade to coming out of college, and he has been balling out the past two years. The Bengals also have Sam Hubbard and of course Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Jessie Bates is also a young ball hawk that they have. I find this job extremely attractive, the only hard part will be finding a quarterback. I don't believe the best quarterbacks are in this upcoming draft, but they can get someone to work with. I think Teddy Bridgewater is a viable option as well as Ryan Tannehill and Nick Mullens. If they can get a veteran quarterback this year they can potentially have a playoff team. The Bengals job is perfect for an offensive minded coach, they have a playoff bound roster but they just need the right guy leading there pack.

Top 3 Candidates: Eric Bieniemy, Adam Gase, Jack Del Rio 

Denver Broncos

Similar to the Bengals, the Broncos have a lot of young talent. The Broncos are need to get some corner stone offensive players this year. Courtland Sutton and Daesean Hamilton had their moments this year, Phillip Lindsay is the future of this organization, and they still have an amazing defense. I wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of veterans like Emmanuel Sanders and Chris Harris. I think they should stick with Case Keenum this year and wait until next years draft. The Broncos are still a great franchise and have a bright future. They have two great defensive ends with Bradley Chubb and Von Miller. I think they should go after a young offensive coach like the latest trend, but John Elway has a history of going defensive so I think there is a good chance they continue that trend. The Broncos need a coach who will help Case Keenum get the ball out of his hands quickly and into his play makers hands. The Broncos haven't had an offensive minded coach since Josh McDaniels. I think the Broncos have a good team and aren't too far away from the playoffs.

Top 3 Candidates: Eric Bieniemy, Vic Fangio, Brian Flores

Arizona Cardinals

General manager Steve Keim and Team President Michael Bidwell have made it clear that the Arizona Cardinals are going after an offensive minded coach. I feel like they let go of Steve Wilks prematurely and he deserved an other chance. The Cardinals had a rookie staff, a rookie quarterback, and a struggling offensive line. The Cardinals didn't have a lot of pieces for Wilks and didn't deserve to be fired. Moving on, the Cardinals are in reset mode and are going to build their franchise around David Johnson and Josh Rosen. Christian Kirk is a good receiver to have for the future and they have one of the best pass rushers in the NFL with Chandler Jones. Arizona is in an extremely tough division and aren't one of the more attractive teams. If they can get a young offensive mind, Josh Rosen could potentially be the next Jared Goff. A sneaky hire could be Mike McCarthy, Rosen is extremely close with Aaron Rodgers and if Rosen has a say in the coaching hire, McCarthy could be headed to Arizona.

Top 3 Candidates: Zac Taylor, Adam Gase, Mike McCarthy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have had there ups and there downs the past couple of years, but they haven't been considered a playoff team in a long, long time. They don't have a number one quarterback nor a number one running back to build around. I liked Ronald Jones a lot coming out of college, but he didn't get a ton of production this season. I don't look at Peyton Barber as a starting running back in this league and Jaquizz Rodgers is getting older. I think Jameis needs to play way better to have that many off-field distractions. I don't want my franchise quarterback having allegations off-field, that's all I'm saying. If we are being honest, Ryan Fitzpatrick is capable of being a starter for about a month and then will start making bone-headed plays. If you're catching my drift, Tampa Bay needs a reset. I think Mike Evans is one of the best receivers in the NFL and they have a front-7 that's in their prime. I think the Buccaneers get an outside hire from someone who has experience. I would think they go offensively and someone who knows what they're doing. The Buccaneers need two more star players and an experienced coach before we can talk about them competing in their division.

Top 3 Candidates: Mike McCarthy, Bruce Arians, Jack Del Rio

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