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Previewing NFL Week One

Bengals vs Colts

When people think of a Colts vs Bengals game, a lot of them are not interested. But I think this is one of the most exciting games with some of the biggest implications for how their team's season will go. Let's start with the Colts, this is Andrew Luck's first regular season game in six-hundred something days. If Luck can hit the ground running that will give him a huge burst of confidence to start the season with. The Colts also have a new revamped defense with a ton of young stars including Malik Hooker who's coming back from a season-ending injury. Now lets head over to the Bengals organization where there is a lot of pressure. Marvin Lewis is in the hot seat, Andy Dalton hasn't had the greatest of years, and John Ross is coming off of a very difficult year. I want to see if Joe Mixon becomes a workload running back and if John Ross becomes a legitimate number two receiver for AJ Green. This game means a lot for both team's season!

Game MVP
Andrew Luck 295 pass yards 2 touchdowns 1 int.
Final Score

Bengals 13 vs Colts 23

Bills vs Ravens

Expect the Ravens vs Bills game to be primarily defensive. I think that the Ravens defense will have a DAY! This will be a very difficult task for Nathan Peterman and hopefully he can prove all his haters wrong! I think Joe Flacco will have a nice game and throw it to Michael Crabtree a lot. I think CJ Mosley will be in contention for defensive player of the year and this is his first game to show it. For Buffalo, I'm looking for a wide receiver to step up and show me something. Last year, their receivers were close to non-existent and no one stepped up to be a number one wide out. I think Kelvin Benjamin has potential to but this is his time to shine and help out Nathan Peterman! I also believe LeSean McCoy has a lot to prove so this game has huge implications. One more thing to watch is how well or badly the Bills line protects Peterman. That is the biggest key!

Game MVP

CJ Mosley 15 tackles 1 interception

Final Score

Bills 9 vs Ravens 17

Buccaneers vs Saints

This will be a very tough game for the Buccaneers to win especially with all their off-field drama. While I am not a fan of their offensive players this week, I think Kwon Alexander will have a nice game aswell as Gerald McCoy. The Buccaneers will need to get better at stopping Alvin Kamara and McCoy is one of the keys to stopping him. I believe Michael Thomas will have a strong performance and Alvin Kamara will make some type of highlight reel play. On the defensive side of the ball, I expect the Buccaneers to get some pressure on Drew Brees but I still think they'll give up a good amount of points. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't a great quarterback and I think Jameis Winston will return to the starting lineup on week 4.

Game MVP

Alvin Kamara 125 total yds and 2 touchdowns

Final Score

Buccaneers 17 vs Saints 31

Texans vs Patriots

The Texans vs Patriots is going to be a game to remember. The Texans are an up and coming team led by a young flashy quarterback, while the Patriots are the greatest of all time led by the one and only Tom Brady. This game gives me chills just thinking about it. Deshaun Watson is going to put on a SHOW with Deandre Hopkins. I can't see any DB's for the Patriots standing a chance vs Nuk. This game plays a huge role down the line. These two teams could be competing for the AFC and this could potentially be for home field advantage. There are so many players for the Texans that I'm interested in seeing, Watson, Watt, and Mathieu. Let's talk about the Patriots, they are always great, but we know that they tend to struggle early on in the season. I think Tom Brady will have a nice connection with Chris Hogan throughout the game and he'll be the x-factor, if he plays well, then the Patriots will win. This is going to be EXCITING! LET'S GO!

Game MVP

Deshaun Watson 450 total yards 4 touchdowns 2 ints.

Final Score

Texans 31 vs Patriots 27

49ers vs Vikings

This is easily the game of the week. Two of the teams with the most hype this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have Jimmy Garoppolo who has elevated his team like Lebron James elevated the Cavaliers last season. Jimmy Garoppolo is undefeated and has a lot of critics coming into this season. If it's people saying that he's overpaid or that he's unproven, this is his team and I think he is capable of pulling an upset on the Vikings. For Minnesota, the Vikings finally have Dalvin Cook back and not to mention a pretty good quarterback. Kirk Cousins now has actual receivers to throw to with Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. I expect Cousins to start a little slow but gradually pick it up. The Vikings defense improved with the addition of Sheldon Richardson. I think they if they can get to Jimmy G fast it will be a long day for San Francisco. I think Xavier Rhodes' health will have a big implication on this game and for Minnesota's success. This is going to be a thriller!

Game MVP

Jimmy Garoppolo 246 yards 2 touchdowns

Final Score

49ers 22 - Vikings 17

Titans vs Dolphins

This game is centered around three things: defense, play calling, and running. I don't think either of these teams will be airing it out very much, but I do believe that it'll be closer than people think. I am interested in seeing how the Titans use Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry. I expect Henry to be out on first and second down while Lewis is on the field for third down. I am also interested to see how Mike Vrabel calls the defense and how Matt LaFleur calls the offense. For the Dolphins, I think the key to this game is dominating the line of scrimmage. The Titans have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, but the Dolphins D-line has to interrupt that. I also want to see how much Adam Gase splits the reps at running back between Kenyan Drake and Frank Gore. This will be a quick game that is won up front.

Jaguars vs Giants

This is the Tom Coughlin bowl. These are two young teams filled with swagger and hype this season. I think the Jaguars are one of the best teams in the AFC and the Giants are one of the best NFC teams on paper. If the Jaguars defense plays like they did last season, expect Saquon Barkley to have a quiet day running the ball. I think Telvin Smith is a great linebacker who has the speed to keep up with him. I expect Leonard Fournette to have over 20 carries in this game and surpass one hundred yards. For the Giants, I think they will be relying on big plays. If Saquon can start making people miss and Odell gets the ball in his hands the Jaguars could be on upset alert. I think that if the Giants defense can contain Leonard Fournette, the Giants should have a legitimate chance in winning this ball game. If I had three keys to look at it would be, how much Blake Bortles targets his receivers, Saquon Barkley, and Pat Shurmur's play calling. 

Game MVP

Brian Orakpo 6 tackles 1.5 sacks 

Final Score

Titans 20 - Dolphins 16

Game MVP

Leonard Fournette 135 total yards 1 touchdown

Final Score

Jaguars 23 - Giants 17

Steelers vs Browns

Steelers vs Browns is a classic NFL rivalry and I am all for it. Let's start with weather, there is supposed to be heavy wind and rain so that means there will be a lot of running and just hard-nose football. This is really James Conner's time to shine as Le'Veon Bell sits out. The Steelers have arguably the best receiving core led by Antonio Brown with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Ryan Switzer. One other thing I want to see is what the Steelers play-calling is like without Todd Haley. This could be a huge x-factor for how many fantasy points JuJu and Antonio averages. For the Browns, my x-factor is Jarvis Landry. I want to see if Jarvis Landry can be the number one receiver in Cleveland like he was in Miami. I also want to see if Myles Garrett can take a step into the next level and be a double-digit sack guy. If the Browns can hold their own against the Steelers that would be huge for the rest of the season.

Game MVP

James Conner 127 total yards 1 touchdown

Final Score

Steelers 30 - Browns 24

Chiefs vs Chargers

This is the Patrick Mahomes show, all eyes are on him. This is his first meaningful start and I am hoping he airs that thang out! I want to see him take a five step drop then launch a ball down field to Tyreek Hill. Mahomes can either be really really good or not ready. One thing that I really like about Mahomes'  situations is that he has Kareem Hunt. Kareem Hunt will be a nice safety blanket to go along with Travis Kelce. Mahomes is in a great situation in KC. For the Chargers, I am excited to see Mike Williams. The Chiefs don't have the greatest secondary which creates a great opportunity for Williams to ball out. I think Rivers will be as great as ever and a nice fantasy play this week. It stinks that we can't see Joey Bosa this week because I think he would cause some problems for Pat Mahomes. The Chargers have one of the most consistent defenses in the NFL and I think that will be difficult for Patrick Mahomes to adjust to.

Cowboys vs Panthers

I think this game could potentially have huge implications in not only fantasy football, but the NFC Wildcard race. The Cowboys and Panthers are two teams who should be over .500 this season and competing for that wildcard spot. The Cowboys now have Ezekiel Elliot for a full season once again. I expect him to come out hot and prove all of his haters wrong. I want to see how well the cowboys rookie contribute to their team. For the Panthers, I think it's all about one person... Norv Turner. I want to see how he uses Cam Newton in his offense. I think Christian McCaffrey will BALL OUT. I think he will have more than 15 carries and 15 targets. A player who I'm putting the spotlight on is DJ Moore. I think Moore has the potential to be Cam Newton's number one receiver this year. I think he can be the next JuJu (just not as lit). I think if the Cowboys want to win this game, they need to dominate the line. Dak isn't going to throw for three hundred plus yards, but I can see Zeke running for it. This is game is going to be DOPE, I'm here for it!

Game MVP

Phillip Rivers 330 yards 3 touchdowns

Final Score

Chiefs 21 - Chargers 31

Game MVP

Christian McCaffrey 175 total yards 2 touchdowns

Final Score

Cowboys 23 - Panthers 24

Redskins vs Cardinals

I feel like this will be a sneaky good matchup. The Redskins have Alex Smith who alway seems to start the season fast. I think he has a phenomenal supporting cast with Chris Thompson, Paul Richardson, Jordan Reed, etc.. I believe this offense will be tailored around smith and will do better than a lot of people think. I am also interested in seeing the Redskins D-Line today. They have Jonathan Allen returning who was one of the biggest playmakers coming out of college. If they can get some pressure on Sam Bradford they will be able to win this game. For Arizona it is all about DAVID JOHNSON! I think if he has over 150 yards the Cardinals win this ball game. I think they will throw it to Larry Fitzgerald in the slot with Kendall Fuller gone and I think they will be successful when they do it. This is a battle of two "game manager" quarterbacks. I think the running backs will be the x-factor of this game and be used in the receiving game a ton!

Seahawks vs Broncos

All eyes are on Russell Wilson, he is the true leader of the team. Russell Wilson is going to need to do some work to avoid both Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. WOW this day is magical and so is Russell. I think he will use his running backs a lot in the passing game, but he lost a lot of weapons this offseason. I am also interested in seeing how that Seahawks defense plays with all there losses. I believe Demayrius Thomas will ball out! He always eats vs the Seahawks and today won't be an exception.  I think Case Keenum will prove to be what the Broncos hoped for and that he is going to continue on what he did last year. I think Royce Freeman is going to be the next Kareem Hunt. Royce Freeman is going to show the Seahawks who the lead back is and why he will be the offensive rookie of the year. This game is very entertaining and the key matchup I'm watching is Russell WIlson vs that Broncos D-Line!

Game MVP

David Johnson 185 total yards 1 touchdown

Final Score

Redskins 24 - Cardinals 28

Game MVP

Royce Freeman 135 total yards 2 touchdowns

Final Score

Seahawks 17 - Broncos 27

Bears vs Packers

Let's address the elephant in the room, Khalil Mack is a Chicago Bear! Khalil Mack is going to be a huge threat on the edge for the Bears and I wouldn't be surprised if he got a sack tonight. I am more interested in the Bears offense. I want to see how the Bears use players like Allen Robinson, Tarik Cohen, Trey Burton, and Kevin White. Matt Nagy runs a very dynamic offense, and the Packers shouldn't overlook this Bears team. Now for the Packers, this is Aaron Rodgers comeback time! He is going to be on fire tonight and I am looking at his weapons. I want to see how the Packers use Jimmy Graham. I think he's a legitimate redzone target and will be drawing attention from the Bears defense. I also want to see if Davante Adams will have a connection with Rodgers this year. When Davante Adams is clicking he's a top 3 receiver and I believe he can show it this year. It's time for Aaron Rodgers to shine, but don't overlook this Chicago Bears team!

Jets vs Lions

Sam Darnold is the youngest player to ever start at quarterback, but he might have more pressure than any other player in the NFL. Darnold is going to have to face Jarrad Davis, Darius Slay, and the much improved Lions defense. Darnold will have to have creative plays so he can get the ball out fast and he can be comfortable. I am looking to see how Matt Patricia calls the Lions defense. I think Jarrad Davis takes a step up this season and shows that he can be the guy that the Lions build around. I think Marvin Jones will prove to be a top 10 receiver in the national football league. Jones and Tate will put on a show this season and it all starts with Monday Night Football. I think if the Lions can start the season running the ball with LeGarrette Blount and Kerryon Johnson they will set a tone for the rest of the season. This game is a tone-setter and will be historic for the Jets franchise if Sam Darnold can come out with a win!

Rams vs Raiders

This game is all about a team that's ascending and a team that's descending. The Rams are on their way up, they are going to show that they are legitimate super bowl contenders. Todd Gurley was a top three player in the NFL last season and I think Sean McVay will get the ball in his hands this week. I think Jared Goff might have the game of his life! He has so many weapons that he can air it out to, he could have the most yards of any player this week. I also want to see how the targets get split up in LA. Right now there is a losing sense of faith in Oakland. I am interested in seeing how Derek Carr plays with all those doubters. If he can put up some points against the star-studded Rams defense, Raiders fans will be happy! I want to see what this old-school Raiders team looks like, if they can get Marshawn going that is huge! I want to say the Raiders win this game, but I don't think it's going to be close what so ever!

Game MVP

Aaron Rodgers 405 yards 3 touchdowns 

Final Score

Bears 27 - Packers 31

Game MVP

Marvin Jones 11 catches 124 yds 1 td

Final Score

Jets 13 - Lions 24

Game MVP

Jared Goff 425 passing yds 4 touchdowns

Final Score

Rams 45 - Raiders 14

NFL Week 1 Winners Wrap Up

Colts, Ravens, Saints, Texans, 49ers, Titans, Jaguars, Steelers, Chargers, Panthers, Cardinals, Broncos, Packers, Lions, Rams

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