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2018 Season Bold Predictions

1. David Johnson will reach 1,000 yards rushing and receiving, then win comeback player of the year and offensive player of the year.

Personally as a 49er fan I hate David Johnson because similar to defensive coordinators, I know I can't stop him. He is an unstoppable threat anywhere on the field and has enough talent to be a starting wide receiver in this league. DJ Is an unstoppable force and I think he is going to ball out this year.

2. The Rookie quarterbacks struggle to win more than 5 games combined this year.

While there has been a ton of hype about these rookie quarterbacks coming into this year, I don't see any of these rookies coming in and winning double digit games. Sam Darnold will get the nod week one, but it is really tough to look like a Deshaun Watson as soon as you come out. i don't expect any Deshaun Watsons this year, so hold your horses on Josh Rosen and Josh Allen.

3. Deion Jones wins Defensive Player Of the Year

Deion Jones is one of the greatest athletes to ever play the linebacker position and I think this could be the year that we officially transition into the athletic linebacker era. Deion Jones is a once in a generation type player with fantastic instincts and great ball speed. Deion Jones will take over this year.

4. Andrew Luck Leads the Colts to a Wildcard Spot

Currently Andrew Luck has been facing great scrutiny and tremendous pressure... and this is his time to show the NFL what's up. Andrew Luck is currently on a team who has been close to irrelevant since he's been out. He hasn't played a regular season game in more than 600 days, but I think he'll adjust relatively soon. I am confident in Andrew Luck and how he handles himself.

5. Christian McCaffrey Emerges as one of the Elite Running Backs.

Every year I have a vision about a running back becoming elite and this year it's Christian McCaffrey. I drafted him in all of my fantasy leagues and I feel like this is McCaffrey's year. Christian McCaffrey will get a bunch of production this year and I think he will be the team's leading rusher and receiver this year.

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