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Garrett Wilson WR Jets

*This is me with Garrett Wilson at the 2022 NFL Draft

My name is Jeremy Platt and I am the creator, owner, writer, and podcaster for "Between The Tackles". I'm 19-years-old and I am attending Arizona State University, Barrett the Honor's College, where I major in Sports Business. At Arizona State, I am a part of Sports Business Scholars, an organization for the school's top-20 Sports Business students. From elementary school, all the way up through high school I played quarterback, wide receiver, and free safety. I began watching football when I was seven years old and have been in love with the sport ever since. I spend most of my time watching film, writing articles, listening to sports podcasts, working on my playbook, working out, and just constantly thinking about football. When I was 15 years old I became a credentialed on-field reporter for the AAF and a year later I became an on-field reporter for the XFL. 

In 2017, at 13 years old, I created "Between The Tackles" a podcast and website dedicated to covering everything you'd need to know in the world of football. Whether it be in-season predictions, NFL Draft articles, fantasy football pieces, or analytical information, I am always trying to provide a fresh and unique outlook on the game. I believe my perspective is a combination of the players', fans', management's, and coaches' perspective.

For the 2022 NFL Draft, I was selected to be the "NFL Liaison" for artist, Rob Prior, who painted portraits of all the top draft prospects in Las Vegas.

My favorite thing about football is scouting NFL Draft prospects and watching them develop into household names.  I enjoy creating draft reports and then refining my grading system. I am constantly working to become a better scout so that one day I am working in an NFL scouting department.

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